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Differently Normal by Tammy Robinson review, tour and Author Interview.

Every family has its issues. 
Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure, DIFFERENTLY NORMAL is about first love and the sacrifices you'll make for the ones you hold close. For fans of Nicholas Sparks and Jojo Moyes.
For Maddy, life is all about routine. It has to be, to keep her sister with autism happy and healthy. With just Maddy and her mother as Bee's full-time carers, there's no time in Maddy's life for complications like friends, let alone a boyfriend. So when Bee joins a new Riding for the Disabled stable and they meet Albert, the last thing on Maddy's mind is falling in love.
Some things, she's about to learn, are outside of our control. Albert has resigned himself to always being a disappointment to his strict father. When he meets Maddy, he gets a glimpse of what being part of a family can be like, and of the tremendous sacrifices that people will make for the ones that they love.
DIFFERENTLY NORMAL is a heart-wrenching tale of love and loss, because sometimes it takes letting someone else in to discover who you really are . . .
'A funny and poignant tale about first love. Tammy Robinson is a natural storyteller.' Nicky Pellegrino

For Maddy, life is all about routine. It has to be, to keep her autistic sister happy and healthy. With just Maddy and her mother as Bee’s full time carers, there’s no time in Maddy’s life for complications like friends, let alone a boyfriend.

So when Bee joins a new Riding for the Disabled stable and they meet Albert, the last thing on Maddy’s mind is falling in love.

Some things, she’s about to learn, are outside of our control.

Albert has resigned himself to always being a disappointment to his strict father. When he meets Maddy, he gets a glimpse of what being part of a family can be like, and of the tremendous sacrifices that people will make for the ones that they love.

Differently Normal is a spellbinding story of love that will leave you breathless.

Q & A With Tammy Robinson 
When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

My first full length (ish) book was when I was around the age of twenty. I was working in a shoe shop and every lunch hour I’d (handwrite) a story based loosely on my senior high school when I developed Bulimia and depression. I have no idea where it ended up but I bet I’d be cringing if I had the chance to read it now!

How did you choose the genre you write in?

I didn’t actually set out to choose a specific genre, I just write the books that come to me. It’s what I know I guess, and what I enjoy reading. I’ve toyed with ideas in other genres before but they just don’t do it for me.

Where did you get your ideas to write this particular novel.

I had the idea for the two main characters first, Maddy and Albert. I wanted this couple to both come from difficult family circumstances, throw them together and see how they could work it out.

Do you ever experience writer’s block?

No. Touch wood. I’ve just finished writing my eighth book and so far, so good, the ideas keep on coming.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

I would have to say that they’ve all influenced me. Every single book I’ve ever read (I’d love to know that figure by the way, I suspect it would be quite significant!) has taught me in some way. I do remember one book, Benny and Shrimp; that book really showed me that you can write intriguing stories about everyday people in everyday situations.

Is anything in your book based on real life or real people? Or is it purely imagination or a bit of both?

Bit of both. Mostly fiction, but the character Bee is based on the autistic daughter of a friend of mine.

What was your favourite part in writing this story and why?

The developing love story between Maddy and Albert. I guess I’m a sucker for romance, and watching those first buds of love develop is always fun to write (and read).

How did you choose this title?

It was actually the suggestion of a friend of a friend in the UK. She’d read it in a Terry Pratchett book, (who I adore reading). I was trying to come up with a title and I knew it needed the word ‘Normal’ in. I had l things like, ‘Our version of Normal’. When I asked a few friends what they thought of the titles I’d come up with, one remembered her friend using the term ‘Differently Normal’ to describe differently abled people, and I knew it was right instantly.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? Sorry I’ve never heard of it, not with three small children around! No seriously if I do get any time to myself it’s writing time. Always. I can’t write when I’m looking after them, so as soon as my husband has a day off I’m at my desk, hammering away at the keyboard. It’s just what I love to do.

Some quick fun quiz questions.

Cold or hot
Dog or cat
sock or slippers
tea or coffee
Light or dark
chocolate or lollies
Chocolate, hands down.
rain or sun
Sun! Definitely!
Hunter or gatherer


Differently normal is one of those books that show us that life is what you make it .. It Makes us realize how lucky we are in some circumstances, and how life can be so different for us all,  But with that blend of normal entwined. We are taken into Bee, Maddy and ALberts lives, the author delivers  such well fleshed out characters, with depth and definition, a story both heart breaking and warming all in one. 

The characters are lovable and very enjoyable, and the author pens   a story line that is touching and so very real to life for some. Its not sugar coated, quiet raw at times, so have the tissues handy !!! 

A story about family, love and life. With a blend of humor, sadness and despair even at times, It shows us how the lives of loved ones are effected and how autism affects not only the person but the loved ones around. The author has educated the reader as we flip the pages, many points outlined and we are given knowledge within the pages. We see how Bee copes with life, and how her family copes with her 24.7 care.  

The story shows us how hard it can be to be in love, find time for yourself and help care for a family member all in one. Juggling life, and feelings from both finding new love and loving family and being there.  The author delivered vivid imagery within the pages, bringing light among the often darkness and love within every page turn. 

Differently Normal will bring forth every emotion . You will be giggling, teary eyed and also enlightened  within the pages. A love story that will leave you starry eyed and filled with butterflies. 

Visit Hachette - Author Info and Purchase Links

About The Author 

Tammy Robinson 

Tammy Robinson is a contemporary women's fiction author from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. After years spent working her way round the world, Tammy settled back in New Zealand with her husband, their two girls and a newborn baby boy. She has published six novels through Amazon, and DIFFERENTLY NORMAL was her first novel with Hachette New Zealand.
Facebook /TammyRobinsonAuthor
Twitter @TammyRobinson76

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Suddenly Forbidden by Ella Fields book review !

I thought he'd always be mine,
even when I was forced to say goodbye.

We were never meant to let go,
but it happened anyway.
Too bad I didn’t know someone was waiting to take my place, or I would've held on a lot tighter.

Two years later, we were exactly where we'd always planned to be.
I'd kept my promise.
He'd forgotten all about his.
Not only had he moved on, but the person he'd moved on with was my best friend, leaving me to begin college with a broken heart.

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you some other guy stepped in, repaired my shattered pieces, and made me smile again.

This isn't that kind of story.

My heart might have been broken, but it refused to fall out of love.

My review 4 Daisy's 

A beautifully delivered second chance romance, that will leave you starry eyed and filled with many emotions .

Suddenly Forbidden is a standalone romance. We see Daisy and Quinn's friendship from a very early age, and watch it blossom over the years as the story progress's . Daisy and Quinn's story is told -we see the changes in their relationship, child hood best friends, friends to lovers and
of how when they both grow older they will meet up in college and life will be theirs forever.

Daisy goes off to Uni and awaits Quinns's arrival , hoping that the promises that they had exchanged years ago are still in place, but she got more then her heart had anticipated. Her heart broken and her dreams shattered, and what made it worse was the betrayal she felt. ** this certainly gives you the feels **

We go through Daisy's emotions of finding out her love has found another, and life is not at all what she had planned. Coming face to face with the love of her life, not only rips her heart open, but the betrayal of them both , leaves you aching and in despair with poor Daisy. ** the author did a wonderful delivery of giving the reader the depth and definition into both Daisy and Quinn's turmoil "" he loved them both but his heart knew .

One of my fav quotes

"How can something become suddenly forbidden when he was yours in the first place? "

The Prologue gives us good insight into both characters past. The development of their relationship, friendship and love. The past and present collide among the pages, we see two hearts still beating as one, the embers burning hot and a love that surpassed the moon and the stars.

I had to say I was torn on many occasions reading this story, I felt shattered for Daisy upon seeing the love of her life with another, the way in which her heart was breaking, the moment she realized and the loss and confusion. But as time goes on, Daisy knows her heart is not alone.

This story is real to life, I am sure many of us have been in this situation .. It was very real and penned with such vivid imagery.

The author beautifully wove her magic within the pages, to give love the direction that their hearts desired. We swoon, smile and get butterflies as the second chance for a love that never died is rekindled. As bad as being forbidden is , how can a love that is meant to be - Be ?

Lots of wonderfully penned characters to love, a few laughs and tears along the way and many moments where I wanted Daisy to get out those Talons and scratch that two faced so called BF eyes out !!

Lots of great secondary characters woven into the pages, a laugh or two from some of them and I have to say I really loved Daisy's and her roomies connection, she certainly was a friend worth having .

As a lover of Happily Ever afters, the Epilogue had me happy as a fish in water so to speak. I grinned and sighed and saw hearts, flowers and happily ever afters !! Such a beautifully written love story, I was seriously bursting from the feels of it all :D

A spellbinding novel about a boy and a girl who are torn between Forbidden , passion and propriety. What is right, what is wrong and what is forever . A true love that surpasses the moon and the stars for Forever and Happily ever afters. 

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Buried In Lies by T L Smith book tour, Review & Giveaway

Title: Buried in Lies
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: January 23, 2018

His lips told me he knew me. 
His hands touched like old lovers. 
His eyes held secrets of a past I’d never known.
I was lost you see. 
Lost as the flowers that grew in the meadow. 
The devil told me he knew me. 
But lies had a way of unraveling, even if we didn’t want them to. 
The devil had a trick, for his love was full of acid. Acid that burnt at every touch, every linger, and I let it burn all the way to my core. 
A devil made you sin. And my devil was the worst. 
But now that devil wanted my last kiss, and it wasn't one I was willing to give. 
He could take the acid and leave the burn behind.
I was keeping my heart, even if I died trying.

Book giveaway for Buried in Lies by T.L. Smith Jan 04-Feb 07, 2018

Enter to win one of 2 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Jan 04-Feb 07, 2018. Enter to win a copy of Buried in Lies a new Lovers to Enemies Roman...

Book review

She was an mouse seeking acceptance, he was the devil surrounded by havoc . He showed his darkness, she showed him the light. Together they conquer the evil surrounding them , the darkness engulfing them to find a beautiful forever through twisted beginnings .

Buried in Lies is beautiful yet twisted love story .
A twisted love story , filled with monsters in the dark ,. A roller coaster ride with twists at every page turn . Some downright smokin hot smexy times , the chemistry was volcanic and moments of uncertainties .

The author has weaved a trail of intrigue from the very first page to an ending that’s unpredictable . A story line that will keep you intrigued till the very last page, and many moments that will have you gasping and thinking WTF !!

A Fast paced story, that is well delivered,  characters that are  damaged  but as the pages flip by , we see growth within the pages . Lots of secondary characters that you will enjoy and an over HEA that all readers will grin after turning that last page.

4.5 stars 


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Unchained by a Forbidden Love (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 15) by Felicity Heaton – Book Tour and Giveaway!

Unchained by a Forbidden Love (Eternal Mates Romance Series Book 15)
Felicity Heaton
Lost to the darkness, Fuery wages a daily war against the corruption that lives within him, constantly in danger of slipping into the black abyss and becoming the monster all elves fear. Work as an assassin gives him purpose, but what reason is there to go on when he killed the light of his life—his fated mate?
Shaia has spent forty-two centuries mourning her mate. Tired and worn down, she agrees to wed a male of her family’s choosing, following tradition that has always bound her as a female and hoping she will be able to gain just a little freedom in return. But as she resigns herself to being the mate of a male she could never love, fate places an old friend in her path—one who tells her that her lost love is alive.
Will Shaia find the courage to break with tradition and leave the elf kingdom in search of her mate? And as a ray of light pierces his soul again, can Fuery find the strength to win his battle against the darkness or will it devour him and that light of their forbidden love forever?

Enter the grand tour-wide giveaway to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD plus books 1-7 of the Eternal Mates series in e-book or audiobook at the Unchained by a Forbidden Love book page. This giveaway is international and open to everyone, and ends at midnight on January 28th.

Enter now: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/unchained-by-a-forbidden-love-paranormal-romance-novel.php

 Click here to enter giveaway

It was never a good day when he woke with the taste of blood on his tongue and no recollection of how it had got there.
Fuery stared up into the darkness, cold sweat trickling over his exposed chest and sticking the thin black bedclothes to his legs. He breathed hard, each heavy desperate exhalation shattering the silence, rasping in his ears together with his thundering heartbeat.
Icy claws gripped him, sinking into the blackened remains of his heart, attempting to pierce deep enough to reach whatever fragment of light remained in him.
He squeezed his eyes shut, dragged down a shuddering breath and held it, unwilling to let fear pull him into the darkness. He would not let it win. He couldn’t. He exhaled slowly, a measured pace that created a sliver of calm, enough to give him the strength to shake the grip of his fear and allow him to extinguish that emotion.
Because fear was a weakness.
He did not feel such things.
He hadn’t in a long time.
Not since he had hardened himself to the world.
Not since that night.
Fuery screwed his eyes shut even tighter, his lips drawing into a grimace that flashed his emerging fangs as the darkness welled again, pulling up memories from the abyss. They surged and fought for freedom, and he growled as he pushed back against them, battled and resisted them. The fight took longer this time, strained minutes in which the fear slithered back in and wrapped around him again, squeezing his lungs tight and hissing whispered taunts in his ear, words about the terrible sins he had committed that had the memories surging harder, almost breaking to the surface.
He gripped the sides of his head and squeezed hard as he snarled through his clenched fangs. Tears cut down his temples, hot against his chilled skin. He didn’t want to remember, but he could never forget either.
He didn’t want to go back into the darkness, refused to sink into oblivion again and do the vile bidding of the darkness that lived inside him. Not again.
He grappled with fear, wrestled with the darkness, and fought the tide of memories, and somehow, the gods only knew how, he managed to subdue them and vanquish the raw agony and the sheer terror that threatened to push him back over the edge.
He panted hard, body trembling from the exertion of overcoming the darkness and clawing his way back to the light.
Couldn’t think about that night.
Never look back.
The past was pain.
A constant source of it that scoured his blackened soul.
No looking back.
He inhaled and exhaled, keeping them measured and deep, struggling for calm again as his past and his present churned inside him, rocking him and trying to keep him off balance, on the brink of teetering back into the abyss.
No looking back.
Fuery chanted it in his mind as he sought the calm—the quiet.
It was slow to come while the darkness roared inside him, drawn out by the fear that had paralyzed him, weakened him and opened him to it. Its inky tendrils snaked around his heart and squeezed it in his hollow chest.
Attempted to claim his soul.
Calm seemed an impossible dream while blood coated his tongue.
But gods, he wanted it, reached for it, desperate to shirk the grip of the fear and the darkness again.
They combined to overpower him and he could feel himself slipping again, skidding down that terrifying slope towards the cold forbidding darkness where it reached for him, beckoned him with promises of oblivion and an escape from the madness.
From the pain.
No looking back.
The past was a nightmare.
The past was pain.
Always pain.
He opened his eyes and stared up into the darkness as he forced himself to see where he was in a vain attempt to focus on the present. He was here, in the guild, in the free realm of Hell. He was far away from there. Leagues from the elf kingdom. Centuries away from his past.
Light streaked across the darkness and his eyes swiftly adjusted to the onslaught. A shadow made the slim vertical shaft flicker and then brightness exploded in the room, driving back the darkness entirely.
Just as the male on the threshold of his room drove it from his soul.
Hartt looked at him through sleep-filled eyes and murmured huskily in the elf tongue, “I felt you stir. Everything alright?”
Fuery went to nod, because any other response would leave him weak. Vulnerable. He stopped himself, paused and stared at Hartt where he stood dressed in only a loose pair of black cotton trousers and scrubbing a hand over his short sleep-mussed black-blue hair, yawning the whole time.
He didn’t need to protect himself like that with this male.
Hartt knew the truth of him. Knew his secrets. His story.
Fuery slowly shook his head.
Hartt yawned again, smacked his lips together and rubbed sleep from his violet eyes as he stepped into the room. He quietly closed the door, descending the room back into darkness that lasted only a second. A soft glow burned in the glass lamp on the low round wooden table near the window to Fuery’s left and gradually gained strength, driving back the shadows again and drawing some of the darkness out of the black plastered walls, softening the bleak colour.
Hartt’s doing, because Fuery’s own powers were unpredictable.
Unreliable since that night.
The male padded silently barefoot across the stone floor towards him and sat on the edge of the bed on his left, causing Fuery to roll towards him. The warm light chased over Hartt, throwing the left half of his face into shadow.
Hartt’s violet eyes softened as they met his. “Tell me about it.”
Fuery sank back into the double mattress on a sigh and averted his gaze, pinning it back on the wooden ceiling. Gods, he didn’t want to speak about it. Everything in him screamed to protect himself by making the male go away, but that light Hartt always seemed to draw out of him emulated the lamp, fought to grow brighter and drive the darkness back.
He had to speak about it. Years of experience had taught him that. Holding it inside would only give the darkness a firmer hold on him, making it harder to shake it and increasing the risk of him sinking into that terrible oblivion again.
He didn’t want to go there.
So he forced himself to speak.
“I woke…” His hands tensed against his bare stomach, fingers curling into fists, and he pushed onwards. “I woke with the taste of blood in my mouth.”
He could still taste it now.
He dropped his gaze to his body. No trace of crimson on his torso. He uncurled his hands and lifted them, stared at his fingers and his callused palms, scouring them for a sign, some evidence that he had lost himself to the darkness and had killed.
There wasn’t a single fleck of blood on him.
But it was there in his mouth.
Coppery. Vile.
“I think I did something terrible,” he whispered and shook his head, numbness sweeping through him and bringing fear in its wake, a stronger wave this time, one that threatened to pull him under. Break him. “I don’t remember. I can’t recall how I got to my bed.”
He shifted his gaze to land on Hartt.
The pity shining in Hartt’s violet eyes drove shame through his heart like a spear and he quickly looked away.
“I put you here,” Hartt said softly, his deep voice a bare whisper but one that soothed Fuery, easing his fear and the grip the darkness had on him. “You had an… episode… and I brought you home.”
Relief bloomed inside him, sweet and warm, but the darkness still refused to release him and worry continued to slither inside him like a living thing, hissing in his ear that Hartt was lying, that he had killed and the male was covering it up.
Hartt seemed to see it, because he sighed and jerked his chin towards him. “Open your mouth.”
Fuery didn’t hesitate to do as he was ordered. The male leaned over, peered into his mouth and lifted his top lip with his left hand. When he prodded Fuery’s tongue on the left side, sharp pain lanced the length of it and he flinched, almost biting Hartt’s finger. The male was too fast for him though, reacted in a heartbeat and had his finger clear before Fuery’s fangs could pierce his flesh.
“You must have bitten your tongue when you were thrashing around. That’s all.” Hartt eased back.
Gods, the relief that hit Fuery this time was like ambrosia. It poured through him, washing away his worry and easing the chill from his blood.
Hartt’s lips tugged into a smile and he slowly shook his head. “For a male who makes a living taking lives, you are oddly affected by the idea of killing.”
Fuery knew it was a paradox, that Hartt was right and he had no qualms about his life as an assassin.
But there was a vast difference between killing when he was in control and murder when he was lost to the darkness.
He had felt that way for many centuries.
He had felt it since that night.
Now he couldn’t bear the idea he might kill someone innocent during one of his blackouts.
He looked to Hartt and saw in his eyes that he wouldn’t tell him if he did. Hartt was noble in his desire to protect him from the pain of the things he did when the darkness was in control, but Fuery didn’t want his friend to lie to him, to cover the truth and spare him like that.
He needed to know the things that he did. He had to know them. He could never atone, but he could bear his sins.
Because all that he had done, and all that he might do, paled in comparison to the sin he had committed.
That night.

Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.
If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.
If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

4 ****

UNCHAINED BY A FORBIDDEN LOVE is another great installment in the Eternal Mates series. Book 15 to date and A paranormal romance for all those who like a unique second chance love story , fantasy entwined with romance and lots of action.

This can be read as a standalone, but I find as a reader it does help to have read previous books as far as characters go but it is not necessary.

Shaia and Fuery wage a war of the heart, both thinking that their loves are dead and gone, find that they are not. They rediscover each other, and Fuery fights his heart and the past to move on with the future.

Shaia and Fuery are both from two different social status's , a battle of the past, family expectations , and the looming of death have kept the pair separated for 4000 years. But what the heart wants, it doesn't forget whats deep inside.

They have both moved on with life, the love and memories never faded, Fuery fights his demons, and Shai tries to show him , the love has never left. Even though she is promised to another to fulfill her duties her heart only aches for her one true love. Her fated mate !

The darkness is a war that Fuery wages with, his position in the Elf army sucks him in darker and it takes everything in him to see the light and return to Shaia. I really njoyed his character, as dark and brooding as he seemed at times, Felicity always delivers her men damaged yet they fight for their loves with everything within them.

As per every story Felicity Heaton writes she is the queen of vivid imagery and well detailed descriptions. We are drawn into the pages with every word, feel and see the action within the pages. As we read we are taken back and forth in time, to Fuery and SHaia's first moments in love, this gives us depth and definition into characters, and we see growth as Fuery fights his darkness to once again move forward to love his fated mate. The romance is passionate and loving not as hot as some of the love scenes the author normally writes, but I found the love put forward portrayed the love and intensity of both characters was enough. Through Different POVs we can are given the emotions and conflict of each others thoughts and feeling , we see progress in the direction of their love story as the story unveils.

Unchained by A Forbidden Love is a story line that shows us that love will find a way, that second chances are possible and that some things are worth the risk. While we are given two damaged souls, the story line delivered, shows us that passion, and true love can overcome darkness , that second chances at love and fated mates destined to be together can happen despite many obstacles.

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Suddenly Forbidden by Ella Fields Cover reveal


I thought he'd always be mine,
even when I was forced to say goodbye.

We were never meant to let go,
but it happened anyway.
Too bad I didn’t know someone was waiting to take my place, or I would've held on a lot tighter.

Two years later, we were exactly where we'd always planned to be.
I'd kept my promise.
He'd forgotten all about his.
Not only had he moved on, but the person he'd moved on with was my best friend, leaving me to begin college with a broken heart.

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you some other guy stepped in, repaired my shattered pieces, and made me smile again.

This isn't that kind of story.

My heart might have been broken, but it refused to fall out of love.

Add to TBR: http://bit.ly/2zyqIt5 

You can find Ella here - https://m.facebook.com/authorellafields/

But she mostly hangs out here - http://bit.ly/2yeoTyq

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Cock Sure by KI Lynn & Olivia Kelly Release & giveaway

Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser / RBA Designs
Model: Steven Brewis
Photographer: David Wagner
Release Date: January 8, 2018


My life is great. I love my job, have awesome friends, and a great family.
Women love me, even if they know it’s just for a night.
I always thought love at first sight was bullshit. Then she came storming into my life.
She tore through my every rule, rocked my world, and knocked me on my ass.
There’s only one problem...she lied.
Turns out my best friends little sister isn’t so little anymore.
I stole a night with my fantasy. Lied to him.
After ten years of not seeing each other, Niko doesn’t even recognize me.
So I take what I want from him, what I need from him. Without worry. Without consequence.
What I didn’t count on was the lingering need for him.
What I chose to forget is that he is my brother’s best friend.
Once the truth is out, the game changes. There are consequences.
I should have known nothing in my life is ever simple. 




Purchase Links

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/CocksureBN


$50 Amazon Gift Card
 K.I. Lynn is the USA Today Bestselling Author from The Bend Anthology and the Amazon Bestselling Series, Breach. She spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about. 
Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.

Olivia Kelley grew up in Boston the oldest of six children. After her first son was born prematurely at only twenty-four weeks, she became an active advocate for parents of disabled children, sharing her own experiences with others. Sadly, he passed away in 2005 at the age of only fourteen. She has a firm belief that you live your life as a lesson. Learn from it and let it mold you into the best person that you can be.
While caring for her son, she turned to reading to escape the reality and stresses of her everyday life. Up until recently, she spent years working corporate America and the Marketing and Public Relations for many different authors in the romance community. Her first book, Cocksure, is co-written with her friend, USA Today Bestselling Author K.I. Lynn, and due to release January 2018.
She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts with her four children and one very naughty cat. She’s social media-addicted as well as a reading addict and loves to meet new people. Look for her on Facebook under Olivia Kelley!

Connect with K.I. Lynn

Newsletter Sign Up: http://bit.ly/2ruu5Kt
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Connect with Olivia Kelley

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