Saturday, January 27, 2018

Suddenly Forbidden by Ella Fields book review !

I thought he'd always be mine,
even when I was forced to say goodbye.

We were never meant to let go,
but it happened anyway.
Too bad I didn’t know someone was waiting to take my place, or I would've held on a lot tighter.

Two years later, we were exactly where we'd always planned to be.
I'd kept my promise.
He'd forgotten all about his.
Not only had he moved on, but the person he'd moved on with was my best friend, leaving me to begin college with a broken heart.

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you some other guy stepped in, repaired my shattered pieces, and made me smile again.

This isn't that kind of story.

My heart might have been broken, but it refused to fall out of love.

My review 4 Daisy's 

A beautifully delivered second chance romance, that will leave you starry eyed and filled with many emotions .

Suddenly Forbidden is a standalone romance. We see Daisy and Quinn's friendship from a very early age, and watch it blossom over the years as the story progress's . Daisy and Quinn's story is told -we see the changes in their relationship, child hood best friends, friends to lovers and
of how when they both grow older they will meet up in college and life will be theirs forever.

Daisy goes off to Uni and awaits Quinns's arrival , hoping that the promises that they had exchanged years ago are still in place, but she got more then her heart had anticipated. Her heart broken and her dreams shattered, and what made it worse was the betrayal she felt. ** this certainly gives you the feels **

We go through Daisy's emotions of finding out her love has found another, and life is not at all what she had planned. Coming face to face with the love of her life, not only rips her heart open, but the betrayal of them both , leaves you aching and in despair with poor Daisy. ** the author did a wonderful delivery of giving the reader the depth and definition into both Daisy and Quinn's turmoil "" he loved them both but his heart knew .

One of my fav quotes

"How can something become suddenly forbidden when he was yours in the first place? "

The Prologue gives us good insight into both characters past. The development of their relationship, friendship and love. The past and present collide among the pages, we see two hearts still beating as one, the embers burning hot and a love that surpassed the moon and the stars.

I had to say I was torn on many occasions reading this story, I felt shattered for Daisy upon seeing the love of her life with another, the way in which her heart was breaking, the moment she realized and the loss and confusion. But as time goes on, Daisy knows her heart is not alone.

This story is real to life, I am sure many of us have been in this situation .. It was very real and penned with such vivid imagery.

The author beautifully wove her magic within the pages, to give love the direction that their hearts desired. We swoon, smile and get butterflies as the second chance for a love that never died is rekindled. As bad as being forbidden is , how can a love that is meant to be - Be ?

Lots of wonderfully penned characters to love, a few laughs and tears along the way and many moments where I wanted Daisy to get out those Talons and scratch that two faced so called BF eyes out !!

Lots of great secondary characters woven into the pages, a laugh or two from some of them and I have to say I really loved Daisy's and her roomies connection, she certainly was a friend worth having .

As a lover of Happily Ever afters, the Epilogue had me happy as a fish in water so to speak. I grinned and sighed and saw hearts, flowers and happily ever afters !! Such a beautifully written love story, I was seriously bursting from the feels of it all :D

A spellbinding novel about a boy and a girl who are torn between Forbidden , passion and propriety. What is right, what is wrong and what is forever . A true love that surpasses the moon and the stars for Forever and Happily ever afters.