Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book review - Mink Eyes by Max Mc Bride

October 1986—the tarnished heart of the “Greed Is Good” decade. Private detective Peter O’Keefe is a physically scarred and emotionally battered Vietnam vet. Hired by his childhood best friend, ace attorney Mike Harrigan, O’Keefe investigates what appears to be merely a rinky-dink mink farm Ponzi scheme in the Missouri Ozarks. Instead, O’Keefe finds himself snared in a 
vicious web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder—woven by a mysterious mobster known as “Mr. Canada.” Also caught in Mr. Canada’s web is the exquisite Tag Parker, who might be the girl of O’Keefe’s dreams—or his nightmares. 
Mink Eyes weaves murder, addiction, obsession, sex, and redemption into a fast-paced, compelling detective novel that also brings in themes of duty, fatherhood, friendship and love. Peter O’Keefe is a reluctant hero who struggles 
every day to choose in favor of life over death.

3 1/2 stars !!

Mink Eyes is certainly an intriguing mystery read, it keeps you invested in the story and eager enough to keep reading till the last page.

Not my normal genre - but I have to say that It did not disappoint. Max has delivered a story with mystery, intrigue, murder, touch of romance(( sex )) , suspense, redemption, betrayl and with underlying friends - family factors entwined. A detective novel, that even has the characters second guessing their motives along the way and their decisions.

Max has put forth good visuals for the reader, with his great definition and vivid imagery , we can certainly see and feel among the pages. His detailed descriptions are well delivered , I do enjoy this while reading any kind of book !! It pulls you into the story and you feel as though you are in the story itself.

A debut by this author, overall I enjoyed the plot, was interesting and certainly kept the reader ** myself ** keen to continue on. The characters interesting enough, we see their personalities as the story progresses. The evil and bad asses depicted at exactly that. Sinister in their ways in some moments. Peter O 'Keefe, was a likable character, a few traits as a parent I didn't enjoy, his lacking in his parental skills, and the way he was at times, but as a private eye he was covered well. In the end we see his life in front of him and decisions he makes that made him a stronger character after it all.

The insta love - sex between him and Tag was kinda a wham bam thank you mam kinda scenario lol. I didn't see flowers and chocolates that Pete wouldve liked - but it gave the story line a hint of romance even if it was just one sided. Tag I wasn't fussed on, neither her hubby but these unlikable characters give the story line its meat in the sandwich so to speak.

The story line was fast paced, always action around every corner. Max Mcbride delivered this well. The ending was UNPREDICTABLE - Fast paced, action packed and filled with answers to all our questions regarding the overall story line. At one stage I read in anticipation, unsure as to what direction the author would take us , but I feel that he finished the story off well and no loose ends .

For all those who like a detective style, mystery novel, you wont be disappointed. While this may not be one of my favorite genres to read, the initial blurb had be intrigued enough to delve in ! .

I enjoyed this authors vivid imagery and overall telling of the story. I feel certain parts may have needed more, to keep certain readers interested, some details to much , ** tended to go on at times ** but otherwise a great intro into this authors writin