Thursday, November 9, 2017

Corrode by Elle Fields Book review

A standalone second chance romance. 

It didn't matter how young we were. 
We just knew. 
Forever was stamped on our hearts, no matter what forces tried to keep us apart. 
They tried, and they failed. 

We were happy. 
We lived, we loved, and we made plans. 
But as the years went by, we watched helplessly as those plans faded into dusty aspirations. 

Yet we endured. 
Time and time again, we came out stronger. 
Until life threw the ultimate test our way, and he surrendered. 

Defeated and desperate, he made a choice. 
One that tore all our promises in two—leaving me pregnant, alone, and terrified. 

Now he's free, and that love is still there. 
It's everything else that's changed.

Book review !! 4 stars .. 

Corrode is the second book in the Surface Rust series , the story takes us back to where they first met, where their love bloomed and where the corrode started. Felix is released from Jail = never seen his son and heard hide nor her from her. He is not ready to move on - but take back what is his . Maggie.

After a whirl wind of events , Felix takes the wrong path and there happy love story is shattered. Upon being released from Jail we see the love and broken string once again be entwined, they both realize the love has never died and how much they have missed. I really enjoyed how the author portrayed the conflict, love and emotions, real challenges in life and love.

Corrode is a second chance romance filled with angst, heartache, second chances, giving us a realistic feel to the story, with an added hint of character growth within.

A smooth flowing story line that will have you rooting for both characters for that happily ever after they were so destined to have.

Another great installment in the series !