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The Blue Curtain - L G Metcalf book review


Devastated by her father's brutal murder, seventeen-year-old Emily Bliss is determined to find his killers, even after everyone else has given up. As Emily attempts to follow their trail, she encounters a mysterious stranger at a party. Beneath his handsome looks, physical prowess, vast wealth, intimidating presence and hypnotizing eyes, she can sense that he is tormented by demons that she cannot yet fathom. Soon Emily is shocked yet thrilled to realize that she is falling uncontrollably in love with him to the point of obsession and that she is willing say or do anything to make him stay. But an early birthday gift Emily's father left for her has revealed secrets about her life, buried centuries ago, that will hurl her into a dark underworld that she never dreamed existed and point to a great destiny awaiting her, if only she can survive long
enough to seize it.

Book review 
 4 stars 

The Blue Curtain is told in two different time frames. The past and now the present. It jots back and forth between the two and in time you will understand the authors motives for this. Each chapter blends into the next so to speak and as we progress through out the read it unravels mystery, fantasy and the unknown.

The past story in the beginning is about Mitchell and a war that was started between two families. Blood slain and a dark mystery man . It tells us how Mitchell became the man he is  and his journey from one life time to another. His love, his loss and heartache and moving forward in time.

The present story is about a girl named Emily, whose father is murdered. Before his death he leaves Emily an early birthday gift, this alone stirred curiosity within me wandering what he is hiding and is this the reason he was murdered. ** This brings forth new comings in the story line **

Emily's discovery is one that baffles and intrigues her and here is where the stories blend. .

Emily meets a stranger, and her world is not as she knew it. There are many twists and turns , and eventually fate has Mitchel and Emily meshing together to unravel many things. But also forging more then they ever entailed.

The fantasy aspects of the story will draw you in, portals, good and bad vampires, rifts, and so much more. The author has penned this well creating intrigue for the next book.

A wondrous blend of Paranormal, fantasy, romance and magic put forth , the author has cleverly woven so much into this story line.

A buffet of all sorts so to speak .

Characters that you will easily like, we see them grow as the pages unfold.  At times a slow story line due to the jumping back and forth in times. As a reader , I paid careful attention to keep up with the characters and story . But once you work out whats happens its certainly easy to ascertain the direction.

The author certainly left the last page as a cliff hanger but not a bad one, now I am wandering which direction this will go and will it end well. Lg Metcalf has given us reason to look forward to the next book but cruely leaving us with that last mild saycy display of something we are unsure that will or will not happen haha.

Look forward to the next installment.

Magical, intriguing and a whirlwind of mystery

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