Monday, February 6, 2017

Always You by Belle Brooks Book Review

“I will breathe for you.” 

Some people’s bodies are built to run marathons. Others to lift and labour. And some are made so graceful their footsteps are barely heard. 
My body was built to be a vessel. It was Always You.

Maybelline Connors knows stars are not always as faultless as they appear. She knows life is not permanently concreted into its foundations and love can last a lifetime…even when a lifetime is shorter than one hoped.
Willard Connors knows that life will rob you. That dreams are just that—dreams. And no matter how hard one prays, a star riddled with faults will always be riddled with faults. 

What Will is yet to learn, is that he is stronger and braver than he ever imagined he could be. And that gifts from the heart leave a lasting imprint—an imprint unable to be erased. 
With life there is love… with love there will always be life.

Always You by Belle Brooks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Always You is A powerful , deep read about love, loss and sacrifices. A crafted story of loss , love, family, friendships and a moving and dam heartbreaking read that was un-put-down-able.

Belle wove her magic , ripped our hearts out but filled it with hope , love and Willow.

Your going to cry , maybe even ugly cry but your still going to love it !!!

The last few chapters were the longest and hardest to read they had me teary eyed and silently
Crying inside and out with this bitter sweet love story .

With a strong delivered plot and solid built characters, Always you will leave you remembering Will and May's love story and sacrifice.

An undying love , the power of true love and selflessness .

Belle delivers us a raw and beautiful love , not a story of happily ever afters, or where they ride off into the sunset ..

BUT - A love as deep as one can go, an eternal love, a love that breathes even when the last breathe is taken , but - not only love for each other but what a love so deep can create and bring forth. Memories, smiles, forever within another lifetime - another life.

"""" Always you will leave you with feelings that can't be unfelt . Tears that won't be forgotten and a love story you'll never forget .
Moving , unputdownable and heart- breakingly beautiful . """

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