Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cuffs by Georgie Tyler Book Review

Witnessing a murder was not on Lacey Maples's agenda for the evening. Neither was being spotted, caught and cuffed to a cement mixer. So when the perpetrator tries to convince her he's protecting her, she's far from convinced. Especially when she sees the twinkle in his eye.

For Alex Petrov, Lacey is a major glitch in an otherwise perfect plan. While his motives are pure, he can't allow Lacey to interfere before the drug deal goes down in two days' time, least of all by getting herself killed.

If Alex could reveal his plans to her, he would, but it would only make her position more dangerous. And he's rapidly discovering he would do almost anything to protect her.

The operation is at stake. That's all that matters. Lives hang by a thread. And sometimes, when lives hang in the balance, people do the craziest things.


4 1/2 stars

Witnessing a murder and being handcuffed to a cement mixer was certainly not Lacey Maple's Idea of a great evening. Caught like a rabbit in the headlights, Lacey is spotted by Alex and a group of thugs in the middle of a confrontation. Wrong place - wrong time for Lacey.

To much avail Alex tries to convince her of his motives to protect her , but even though his appearance is dark, haunting and gruff. He is the only one who can truly protect her.

She’s frightened, considering the situation she’s in, but at the same time she’s intrigued by a magnetic connection they seem to have.

Alex Petrov is the devil is disguise, while he needs to tie up the loose ends he has worked so hard to knot, he certainly doesn't need Lacey interfering in his plans or getting herself killed in the meantime. So he has no choice but to protect her in the only way he knows how. Keep her hidden - but She proves to be more then he anticipated for.

Cuffs is certainly an experience - a roller coaster ride - it involves many highs and lows, twists and sharp turns, hair raising moments ( sexy and scary ) and ones that will keep your loins tingling or your breathe baited.

The suspense and climax in the story keeps it flowing at a fast pace - the suspense is so well designed, that we get a very vivid idea of the story unfolding within the pages.

The author has done a fantastic job of pulling you into the pages. Creating and building a connection between two unlikely people. Suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat and dam hot smoking lovin - even fully clothed ! ** wipes brows **

The chemistry between Alex and Lacey is sizzling - panty dropping and down right smexiliscious ! The intensity and danger in there connection was riveting and certainly had my reader in a frenzy ** or was that me ** haha

The writing was fluent and well penned, the plot well delivered. Every aspect tied up in the end giving us, what romance and suspense readers will enjoy.

I have to say that I am a sucker for a man with tattoo's , big, gruff, yet soft underneath and ALex is certainly all this. The author described this beef cake very vividly :D I think I fell is lust yet again .

Lacey was a developing character within the pages, going from a stunned deer to a curious cat so to speak. Alex brought out her claws and her inhibitions which certainly created that spark and magnetic connection between them. We see her tough side come out in the ending of the book and I had to say I silently sucker punched the air and thought ** go girl **

Cuffs is a UNPREDICTABLE - Deliciously delightful read , and was by all means, one hell of ride filled with suspense, heart-pounding thrills, smoking hot chemistry and action, as well as sexual tension!

First story I have read by this author and it wont be my last. I read this in almost one sitting and enjoyed every bit !

Book provided by the publisher for my honest review. Thank you.

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