Monday, August 17, 2015

Discovering Stella by K M Golland book review

Only those who are lost can be found.

Stella Walker is fleeing from a past which haunts her on a daily basis, and from a city full of painful reminders of a life that’s no longer hers. In an attempt to escape her memories, she plans to reinvent herself in the sanctuary of a tiny town in rural Victoria, by tracking down the one person she hopes can help, her stepbrother. What Stella doesn’t anticipate is meeting his best friend Lawson Drake, a hotter-than-hot mechanic, the local knight in shining armour – and the most gorgeously infuriating man Stella has ever seen.

When Lawson comes across a broken-down car by the side of the road, he is intrigued by its owner – a caramel-eyed brunette who clearly has a score to settle, not only with her defective vehicle, but with anyone who tries to get too close. The thing is, something about her makes Lawson want to get as close as he can possibly get.

Can Lawson help Stella to fix her broken heart, and discover herself again?

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Release date is August 24th


Discovering Stella is a wonderfully delivered heart moving read that delves deep into matters of the heart . A story about second chance in love and making new memories.

Broken dreams , broken hearts , Forgiveness and learning to never forget but to forgive and love again , plays a strong part within this romance story .

The concept of music within the story is also a salvation and antidote for Stella. We see it as a therapeutic intervention to overcome and release feelings without having to say they them in so many words.

** I really thought this was well thought out and conveyed well.**

With well delivered characters , and strong and solid plot , K M Golland pens a hot steamy romance entwined with a story of grief and loss . Yet showing us that life goes on .

Discovering Stella is told from both Stella and Lawson's pov's giving the reader that added depth to the story by seeing both sides to the characters.

The chemistry and connection between the main characters is heartfelt , consuming , yet endearing and at moments dam steamy and sexy.

We see our Prince Charming chip away at Stella's resolve , showing her and leading her in a path of discovery .

A slow , painful journey for Stella but in order to survive the past must be dealt with ..

The characters are genuine, and real , their stories are undisputed and there is a rawness of emotion that is completely heartbreaking yet so very real ..

The chemistry Between Stella and Lawson is sizzling and electric and their sex scenes are smoking hot .

There love comes across real , hard at times but slow and gradual .

I thoroughly enjoyed the two extended sections at the end of the book it gives Much closure and an ending that will leave your heart full but content .

Discovering Stella is an emotionally charged read, filled with , interesting characters, a plot which depicts the depth of loss , love , heartbreak , angst and confusion suffered when loss isn't mourned .

A story that shows that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel and that music certainly does soothe the soul.

Thank you to net galley for a copy of this book for my honest review.

4 1/2 stars

Thank you to Harlequin via Net galley for the review copy for my honest opinion.