Wednesday, March 4, 2015

After Ever Happy - Anna Todd Book review

It’s never been all rainbows and sunshine for Tessa and Hardin, but each new challenge they’ve faced has only made their passionate bond stronger and stronger. But when a revelation about the past shakes Hardin’s inpenetrable fa├žade to the core—and then Tessa suffers a tragedy—will they stick together again, or be torn apart?

As the shocking truth about each of their families emerges, it’s clear the two lovers are not so different from each other. Tessa is no longer the sweet, simple, good girl she was when she met Hardin—any more than he is the cruel, moody boy she fell so hard for. Tessa understands all the troubling emotions brewing beneath Hardin’s exterior, and she knows she’s the only one who can calm him when he erupts. He needs her.

But the more layers of his past come to light, the darker he grows, and the harder he pushes Tessa—and everyone else in his life—away. Tessa’s not sure if she really can save him—not without sacrificing herself. She refuses to go down without a fight. But who is she fighting for—Hardin or herself?


I've loved this series since the first book ,  it has been a journey for both myself and the characters within the pages. So here we are -

Finally - the end has come. 

I will miss this series and the characters and the endless hours of frustration and angst as I read haha. The lovey dovey moments and the WTF moments ...

Many emotions passed by me within the pages as I read,  and now after reading the last page I am content and  have feelings  of pensive sadness. Why ? Because the book has ended and  the series has come to an  end. mmmm..

Hardin as we know is great at self destruction and sabotaging the good things in his life and with this installment nothing has changed.  He makes me want to throw the book and smack him up the chops many a times lol.  But saying this we see great things within Hardin in this book.

As a character he certainly is a rollercoaster of emotions, but for some reason as a reader we still love to hate him at times.  Towards the end my heart was in a  flutter and I had to say he certainly redeemed himself once again. 

** His dirty mouth still makes me sheepishly grin however ** that never changed. lol.

I'm nothing! I'm a fucked-up piece of shit with fucked-up parents and a fucked-up head.  

Tessa has much as she has learnt and grown along the way also leaves me with moments of sheer frustration. But as a woman I understand her ways and things she does at times. Every person deserves to be treated right and Hardin certainly doesn't many times.

The epilogue - don't get me started .... happy moments, frustration, confusion ... mmm you have to read it to understand.

But the author certainly captured this and these moments perfectly bringing out the emotions of both the characters and myself.

 sniff sniff...

"Whatever the hell our souls are made of, they are the same. "

The After series will take you on a journey filled with love, growth .. Understanding and love within lives. The path we take, the choices we make and the love we feel even though it may not be healthy or right. Sometimes just love isn't enough ?

Even at Hardin and Tessa's darkest moments there was always love. Destructive as it may have been , the constant thoughts and emotions always stayed strong.

The author grasps at your heart strings and plays you like a violin.. Pulling and tugging you along as the story proceeds.

The writing is crisp, entertaining, heartbreaking and keeps you intrigued till the very end.

An enjoyable read I would highly recommend to all ! Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this book for review for my honest opinon.

For more information on this series

Go to Simon & Schuster * The After Series *




Dangerous Alliance * Pure Sin 2 * Kyra Davis book review

From Kyra Davis, New York Times bestselling author of Just One Night, comes Book Two in the Pure Sin series that Sinfully Sexy is calling “angsty, intriguing, and off the charts sexy.”

The beautiful, angry Bell has revenge in her heart and Lander Gable in her sights. She’s seduced her way into his arms with the intent to destroy his wealthy family. But now that she’s there, lust and passion have begun squeezing out that desire for vengeance. It’s a dangerous game Bell is playing, and sex, mystery, and lies are the most intriguing game pieces of all.

Book two takes off after book one, and even though I had many unanswered questions from book one this installment gave me the answers I waited for.

I am one for a HEA and this ending for me was certainly that ending!

In Dangerous Alliance we see Bell's growth - we still see the path she is going down with her revenge but it was also very enlightening for me the reader to see her work through years of anger , hurt and revenge. Due to a change of heart in more then one way.

Lander and Bel have smoking hot chemistry between the pages. And with that added suspense and the characters personalities we see many sides to both characters. We see a change in Bell's mission and her overall growth and room for moving on .

This book was like a roller coaster ride, a world filled with many characters from the previous books as well as players we see.

This book has  the perfect blend of emotions involved, I love humour and a good laugh and this author certainly delivers this in her stories. We see many emotions, laugh out loud  moments and also scenes that will have you raising your eyebrows. 

Kyra Davis gives us a solid plot, a great conclusion in the end , with a perfect blend of romance, angst, hot smoking titillating moments, with that added bit of suspense .

The  epilogue had me sheepishly grinning and overall really enjoyed the way this story was delivered. 

Great second installment in the series. 

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for providing me this book for my honest review. For more information on this book click this Link here .