Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gift Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress by Kandy Shepherd Book Review & Giveaway

There's nothing I love more at Christmas time then a wonderful heartwarming Christmas love story. Today I have for you my review and Giveaway copy of this gorgeous story


The billionaire's Christmas proposal… 

Billionaire Dominic Hunt's Christmas ball is a chance for hard-working party planner Andie Newman to make her name. She's intent on convincing gorgeous Dominic that decking the halls is the way to transform his brooding reputation, but he has an alternative idea—a festive proposal!

After Dominic unexpectedly helps Andie with her own emergency, she says yes! The engagement is meant to be just for show, but as Dominic and Andie are surrounded by the magic of Christmas, they find their fake feelings are becoming all too real…

Kandy Shepherd delivers us yet another of her trademark feel good romances. 

Filled with sensuality, romance, unforgettable characters, and an UNPUTDOWNABLE story, Gift Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress is a Christmas story you will laugh with, grin along with and sigh as you turn the last page. 

It is A Christmas story that will not only touch your heart, and soul - but leave you feeling the magic of Christmas and the joy of love and second chances.

The spirit of giving, loving and the atmosphere it creates and while reading this story I felt every aspect of this put forth. From the smell of the pine needles, to the faces of the joyful guests. Everything is Perfect. 

Gift Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress is another exceptional Harlequin romance written by Kandy. I have enjoyed every romance story she has written and this is certainly no different. 

Her stories always warm my heart, and leave me starry eyed and content. There is nothing better for me as a reader ,then to read about second chances in love, happily ever afters and of course wonderfully delivered characters. All that gooey butterflies and lovey dovey stuff I just looooooooooooveee ! sighs :D 

(She does deliver the heartbroken and teary moments within the pages , broken souls, and damaged hearts, but the memorable parts out way those :D )

Kandy's characters are always delivered with depth and definition and her stories so very believable and sweet. 

It is a story of forgiveness for oneself and others. It is a story of healing and learning and to love again. Of moving on and enjoying new memories. 

Every detail is vividly explained, penned and written as If I was within the pages of the story. 

This author doesn't hold back in her descriptions, both emotions and visible. 

I loved Dominic as a character, damaged and broken yet strong and fierce. OHHH and don't forget A Grade beef cake ladies !! haha 

Sexy as sin !

Andie is sassy, smart and strong but also battling her past. Cute and sassy, I really enjoyed her feel good character. 

With two such strong characters we see a growth within the pages, that is undeniable and passionate. Slow burning, yet fueled with flames. 

The concept of family showed a strong part in this story. Love, bonding, and sticking together and family unity was evident. 

As always, it was a pleasure reading another novel by Kandy. It was so well penned , fast paced, vibrant and engrossing. 

Overall this was quite the delightful Christmas treat and I was completely enthralled from the very beginning till the very end. 

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There is magic in a Christmas romance.