Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Road To Ruin - Bronwyn Stuart book review

Paperback, 304 pages
Published December 1st 2014 by Harlequin MIRA
Review supplied by Publisher for honest review.
4 stars .
When the most desperate of times calls for the most scandalous of measures.

James Trelissick, Marquis of Lasterton, has but one plan: to get his sister and mother back from the notorious pirate who stole them from their ship bound for the Americas, without creating the scandal of the season. After months of fruitless searching, his family name and his sister’s reputation hang dangerously by a single thread. So, taking matters into his own hands, he kidnaps the one woman who must hold some of the answers: the daughter of the pirate captain.

Daniella Germaine’s only wish is to be reinstated to the decks of her father’s pirate ship. She will do whatever it takes to regain his attention after he decides she needs to be a real lady and ships her off to London to find a husband. With disgrace her last option, she tries everything she can think of to scandalise: riding at breakneck speed through the park to win a gentleman’s wager and swimming naked in the moonlight. It’s during another of these deeds of daring that her plans fall to pieces and her future lands in the hands of a man with not a lot left to lose…

Somewhere along the road to ruin, when lives are at stake and hearts are torn, Daniella and James must each decide between what they want, and what they actually need, to really live…

A feisty, sexy historical novel of daring, lust, and finding love in the most unlikely places.


The Road to Ruin is a must read Historical romance. With interesting and unique characters , the author has painted her settings and characters with life and spark.

A smooth flowing plot with intriguing characters and a wonderful setting, The Road to Ruin will be enjoyed by all who enjoy the historical setting and era that the book is set in.

Two unlikely characters embark on a not so planned journey and along the way many many unexpected turns become about.

I enjoyed the banter between the characters and at times I admit I had a laugh out loud moments with the sassy and smart whitted Daniella Germaine .

James Trelissick, Marquis of Lasterton, surely had his work cut out for his with this sassy woman. Trying not only to deny the chemistry between them and protect her as well it surely was a struggle of wills.

Daniella Germaine is sent to London to give up her pirate ways in order to become a lady and find herself a husband. But this is not what she is after. She causes many a scandal so she can get back to her father and his boat - but along the way James Trelissick has other plans.

James has his own background to his story - but the path that he must follows involves a sassy , hot headed woman and the return of something he had had stolen from him.

They both embark on a journey of discovery, passion and danger ..

A scandalous historical romance , filled with passion, danger , lust and intrigue. It will keep you captivated till the very last pages.


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