Saturday, December 13, 2014

About Three Authors by Patti Roberts book review


BECKY JENSEN'S FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE: I hate cancer! I hate my boyfriend! I hate my best friend! I Hate Christmas!

When Becky Jensen's mother died on Christmas Eve a year ago, Becky stopped believing in Christmas.

When Becky’s father remarried four weeks ago, Becky stopped believing in family. An hour ago, when Becky caught her boyfriend kissing her best friend, Becky stopped believing in love.

Heartbroken, Becky makes a wish that changes her life forever…

The very next day, she is boarding a plane at Heathrow airport and flying halfway across the world to interview three authors.

The Authors, all friends since their twenties, are now in their fifties. Not only does Becky learn about the lives of these three incredible women, she also learns a lot about herself.

Becky also discovers that all families have their secrets, and hers is no exception.

Some see a weed - I see A Wish ....

My review ..

Reading a lot of this authors work this was a tad different for me. It was not paranormal - her usual genre. But saying this I delved in turned the last page and sighed and then face booked her lol..


I have read tons of Patti's book and this one really did touch the heart. It was great - so very down to earth , so very heartwarming and touching and so very real to life.

The fact also that this book was also set in cairns where I live and The tablelands and surrounding areas I felt as though I was there within the pages. I could see the views,feel the stinky heat (haha) the sudden downpours ,, I could feel it all and see it all. Everything within was so easily envisaged

It was so surreal.

I enjoyed this read very much so , I had tears in my eyes and was so grateful no one was home to see me wiping them away. At one stage my reading was blurred but I read on .. Wanting to find out what was going to happen..

Patti has written ABOUT THREE AUTHORS = its a story filled to the brim with every emotion one could feel. We see love, loss, heartache, happiness, hate, tears of joy, tears of sadness, surprise and if you don't shed a tear within these pages something is not clicking haha.

This book was about moving on, forgiveness , and learning to live despite what life throws you. Learning to take one day at a time, to except what has been, what will be and grab an opportunity with both hands if it feels right. About living after losses of any kind. Take a chance what is there to loose ?

I personally loved the book, we see four women in this story, each with a story to tell. Within the pages we see secondary characters join in, tell there stories - which builds the solid plot and storyline that Patti has so cleverly woven.

I enjoyed all the characters that Patti has penned - from Garry - the heartthrob - to Rodger the gutter scum - and even a character you will find a change of heart to.

The storyline was fluent and grabbed me - I was whisked along with the stories of the Three Authors and certainly would love to meet them in real life. The book event would be certainly something I would be more then eager to attend and it would be fab if it was in cairns :D hint hint !!

A resort for authors to visit !! argh - hold me back !

The characters were very real to life, we all meet people we fall in love with , friends we meet and instantly click with, friends we loose in life due to circumstances , people we don't want to see again.. new friendships that never seemed doable !!

But - Patti did a fab job of creating her characters with flaws, yet also giving us such well structured characters to love and hate.

Felicity - I have to say I felt so very different about In the end. A very strong woman and I loved her in the end. I wont tell to much it will be a surprise. Why does she stick with me - I cant tell, but like I said after you have read it you will also think the same.

I had a laugh or two along the way , even amongst the tears , we find laughter and happiness. I think its important to have the perfect blend of everything within a story and this author certainly does this.

The ending was perfect. Well delivered, all loose ends tied and left me with a heavy heart filled with both joy and sadness. This will make sense once you have read it.

Would I recommend it - very much so ...

But be warned you will giggle, argh , swoon , and cry..

I had to say I was getting a tad worried in the end - my hea I was after didn't happen till the last pages, but I smiled and my eyelids fluttered and my heart soured.

This is a story that made me feel every page and many emotions. I did not expect to find this many layers in this story and every layer unveiled a solid plot with characters from the beginning to end.

Heartwarming, Enjoyable, tearjerker, story with meaning.