Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dark Innonence - Madeline Pryce Book Review

Hannah Grey will do anything to escape the tortured memories haunting her. Every breath brings back the pain, the fear and the unbearable knowledge that she’ll never be the once-perfect girl everyone thought her to be. When the self-destructive fog of drugs, alcohol and meaningless sex starts to clear, Dante, a lion shifter sexier than sin itself, emerges through the darkness ready to rescue her for the second time in so many weeks.

In the safety of Dante’s embrace, Hannah allows herself to become the woman she’s always wanted to be—smart, sexy, capable and empowered. His every touch electrifies. His hot, hungry kisses set her senses ablaze. As Dante masters her body, Hannah finally finds the strength to master her fears.

Perfection shatters as a mysterious vampire escalates from anonymous phone calls to violent encounters. When Hannah’s enemies unite, placing both her and Dante in mortal peril, it’s going to take all of her newfound strength to face the coming darkness and save the man she loves.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.

My Review

ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS 

Wow!!! I read this in one sitting and I tell you - Authors wander why we fall in love with fictional characters, they put them forth so well leaving us pining for our real live smexy men.

 Dante what can I say !!!!!

Sexy as sin - LION SHIFTER  ** Do you hear me Roar **

Read the blurb to the story it will give you a good indication of the story line. It is a novella short in length but certainly filled to the brim with all that one could want in a paranormal romance.

I must say I was drawn into this story from within the first chapter, enthralled - and intrigued... The Chemistry between Hannah and Dante was sexy as sin. The romance and passion was electrifying - I’m sure my reader was wafting with steam from the pace I read this in... argh !   COMBUSTIBLE !  

On first encounter with Dante   in book one,  I had to say I eagerly looked forward to more .

The storyline had me hooked from the start and I had myself finished and wanting more...

Dark Innocence  is filled with Action, mystery, kick arse characters, romance,  hot smokin loving and a crisp well delivered story... This writer makes me turn all shades of pink ;)

I really enjoyed all the characters in Dark Innocence - the author shows us definition and depth within all of them. Even the bad ass ones. We see previous characters from book one which of course gives the storyline a familiar feel.

Overall, this story line was definitely Captivating - sexy, kept us on the edge of our seat  and contained  saucy scenes that will not only have you hot under the bed sheets, but your heart will be racing and blood pumping...

If you like your shape shifters sexy - you’re reads hot - and your toes bunching and eyelashes curling then this read is for you! It will leave you starry eyed and wanting more.
 A Must read second installment in the series !

Can’t wait for more of this authors work. She writes devilish romance with that sinful spark that every romance reader enjoys !

Book one and Two is now available I highly recomend to all to read both :) 

Madeline's Author page can be found Here where you are able to purchase the books and read a little more about her.