Thursday, January 30, 2014

Overburdened by Elodie Rain Book Review

A short erotic story about Mick, who is dead and wanders the earth waiting for his judgement. He blames himself for the death of Amy, the love of his life with whom he had a passionate, but tumultuous relationship. As he wanders, he always returns to her grave and remembers...

He spent every night getting wasted hoping to run into her, and when he 
does get the chance to take her home, and their passion is scorching, but their different lives threaten to pull them apart.

My Review ****

Overburden is a wonderful example of what Elodie Rain is certainly capable of.

She takes the reader on a whirlwind of emotions throughout this story, sexy moments, erotic stints, and a love that overcomes. 

This is a short novella - at only 22 pages long, but don't let it mislead you into thinking anything is missing. 

This book is non stop go from start to finish and I enjoyed every page. 

The sex was steamy, the characters are given enough depth for a story of this length and it most certainly will leave you not only wanting more but eager to follow this new authors work.

This book is certainly emotionally yet multi-layered giving the reader so much in such a short space.

I eagerly await more of this authors work.