Monday, December 15, 2014

Sometimes It Lasts - Abbi Glines Book review

Source:  Simon & Schuster for an honest review
Format: Paperback
Rating - **** stars

Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Cage York finally has everything he ever wanted.

And Eva is at the very top of that list;the perfect girl with a temper as hot as her fabulously flawless body. But for Cage, a baseball scholarship has always been a close second. So when Cage finally gets his chance, he and Eva must endure a long distance relationship and all the dangerous temptations that come with it. Temptations that former bad boy Cage York may not be able to escape.

Then after receiving some illicit photos that show Cage has been behaving bald, very badly, Eva finds solace in the comforting arms of her insanely attractive neighbor Jeremy, who vows that he will take care of Eva in ways Cage never could. It's an offer that may be too good for Eva to turn down.



 Cage York and Eva Brooks  story continues, and concludes in Sometimes It Lasts, the fifth installment in Abbi Glines Sea Breeze series.

Having read Cage and Eva's previous stories I can now see why Abbi wrote another, this instalment ties up all loose ends and there story is now told and finished.  This couple have been through the ringer so to speak - they have overcome pain and many obstacles and in this story we see lots of emotion along the way.  Temptation at its best , and also more spunks to deal with ( lol )

In Sometimes it Lasts - we see the insecurities that pull at the relationship . We see the characters face turmoil and betrayal but in the end we are given a resolution.  Somethings aren't always as they seem !

Quote -

“Make no mistake. There will always be an us. You can pretend like what we had never happened. You can ignore your feelings. Hell, baby, you can even marry Jeremy f*cking Beasley. But there will always be an us. No one and nothing can change that.”

The characters are shown with flaws , imperfect .. but also human.  We see them fight the insecurities, but also see them grow and allow themselves to work on the situations that arise.  

The characters are certainly enjoyable and easy to like. Even with the  over dramatics at times lol
I also enjoyed that we see characters from previous books in this story. Abbi weaves a solid plot, filled with turmoil and heartache but gives the reader the HEA they yearn for.

This is the conclusion to Cage and Eva's story. But as always as a reader I eagerly look forward to more of this series and to see more characters get there story told.

Crisp dialogue, great storyline. Abbi writes her stories with such vivid emotions one can only be swept along within the pages.

Abbi write unforgettable quotes I love them !!

“You’re mine, Eva Brooks. Always. You told me that yourself and, sweetheart, I’m holding you to it.”

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