Monday, August 18, 2014

The Tycoon and the Wedding Planner -Kandy Shepherd Book Review

When one wedding leads to another… 

Kate Parker distracts herself from her memories by keeping busy—and how better than organizing weddings for Dolphin Bay's sweethearts? But tall, dark and handsome tycoon Sam Lancaster's arrival suddenly has Kate forgetting where she left the confetti…. 

And mysterious Sam will be around awhile longer than the cutting of the cake—because he's got to oversee Kate's building project! There's no time for distractions…but is it time to stop running from happiness now that it's led them to each other?

My Review 

THE TYCOON AND THE WEDDING PLANNER is another heart-warming and sweet romance by author Kandy Shepherd. Kandy knows how to write swoon worthy stories, with depth and definition. Characters that you can relate to and stories that leave you starry eyed and sheepishly happy. 

I am a lover of a contemporary romance and Kandy is certainly a Harlequin Writer queen when it comes to these. I can always expect a love story that will leave me content but also heavy and light hearted throughout the read. 

The storyline was written at a wonderful pace, giving the reader depth into the story and the characters thoughts and feelings. 

The scenery is always well envisaged with gorgeous details – including Dolphin Bay a place I’d certainly love to FIND LOVE in (sigh) 

As Always The romance is sensual and sweet, and Kandy gives the reader the HEA we eagerly await both for ourselves and the characters. Some may call it predictable but I call it fate ;) 

Sensual, satisfying, and with a tall dark and handsome spunk what more could any girl want?? ** drools * 

Kandy has created a story both intriguing and tantalizing. 

It’s funny, and quirky, romantic, passionate and filled with love, and certainly an adventure of the heart. 

Loved all the characters... Both Kate and Sam are wonderfully delivered giving the story LIFE AND LOVE AMOUNG THE PAGES.

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