Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bait - Tiffinie Helmer Book Review

In the wilds of AlaskaAssistant District Attorney Shyla Pierce is supposed to be dead, killed in the pursuit of justice. But in fact she is very much alive, quietly in hiding and slowly recovering from her near-fatal injuries.
Meanwhile, deep in mourning for Shyla, Alaska StateTrooper Judd Iverson tries and fails to move on. He’s forced to take a leave of absence. But when he arrives at hissecluded fishing cabin, he’s shocked when Shyla opens the door. With a killer still on the loose and their passion unextinguished, they must relearn to trust each other and figure out how to catch the man who meant to kill Shyla .
My Review *****
Tiffinie Helmer certainly has a way with words. Her vivid descriptions, bring the surroundings to life , the characters are brought forth with character and depth and  at every page turned it just gets better. 

Bait is a short story but filled to the brim with sexy goodness, suspense, romance, mystery  on the edge of your seat moments, as well as unique characters that you will enjoy.

Even though this is only a short read nothing is left out, this author has jam packed this short read to the brim with everything one could want. My only complaint - I wanted more ;) At only just over 50 pages long this short story is wrapped up nicely giving the reader every aspect within. 

 The Alaskan wonderland is brought to  life In Bait  - with a killer storyline to boot , I can guarantee this short read will have you hooked till the very last page but leave you wanting more.

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