Friday, May 24, 2013

Reinventing Rose - Kandy Shepherd Book Review & Giveaway

When an internet love affair goes wrong, Rose straightens her hair and boosts her bra size—but she discovers it takes more than a makeover to find the courage to be her real self.

After 28-year-old schoolteacher Rose Butler flies to the other side of the world to meet the hot Australian guy she met online, their romantic reunion doesn’t go quite as planned. Stranded in Sydney, and too humiliated to return home to San Francisco, Rose decides to stay. She aims to shed her old image, and reinvent herself into someone tougher, smarter—maybe even wilder.

Help with her makeover comes from three unexpected new friends—Carla, the born-again-virgin beauty editor; Sasha, the out-of-rehab heiress; and Kelly, the high-flying model.

And then there are the men she meets—sexy bad-boy photographer Elliot; and Luke, the handsome doctor who may not be as straightforward as he appears. It might just be worth risking her heart again…

But as Rose throws herself headlong into her new life, she gets tripped up by a painful family secret and unresolved problems from her past. She’s forced to question her beliefs about love and loyalty, old mistakes and new choices, and the bonds of both family and friendship.

By reinventing herself, can Rose discover who she really is and face a fulfilling new future?
REINVENTING ROSE is a fun filled contemporary romance filled with humour that will make you giggle, snort and also feel heartbroken for poor Rose.

I really enjoy Kandy's writing and I found Reinventing Rose so very down to earth. This book was very realistic. The characters believable and the storyline wonderfully put forth.

Having just been to Sydney in the past 6 months I was able to relate too many of the sites that Kandy put forth in her story. I thought this was great! Such vivid imagery – and so many beautiful sites to see, if you haven’t been to Sydney I’m sure Kandy’s stories will give you some great ideas for sites to see if and when you ever do.

Rose decides to meet up with her Aussie internet boyfriend – but to her dismay it’s not all as it seemed. With her tail between her legs she goes in search of a place to stay.

She then meets up with some new flatmates, and a few hot guys, and her new found friendships takes her takes  in a new direction.

ROSE DECIDES TO REINVENT HERSELF - with her makeover comes three unexpected new friends—Carla, the born-again-virgin beauty editor; Sasha, the out-of-rehab heiress; and Kelly, the high-flying model. ( I have to say I loved all her new found friends, they each had their own personality – own flaws, and were genuine characters) so very believable.

These new friends make Rose’s life interesting to SAY the least. But Rose has to realize that she needs to find herself under the new bra, makeup and hair do. (I must say I have to find a bra booster like that one loll.)

This book takes us on a journey with Rose who not only tries to Reinvent herself but be the person she wants to be. Rose makes discoveries along the way which changes the way she thinks about certain aspects but finds in her heart to understand.

A little romance is entwined with the pages - I had to say If I was Rose It would be a hard decision .. They were both hot candidates ! snickers.

Reinventing Rose will carry readers along effortlessly keeping them hooked till the very end. Kandy does such an amazing job of bringing her characters to life and making her readers laugh with them, feel heartbroken but also empowered. ;) to just be you !.


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