Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting Even - Kayla Perrin Book review

For the past year, self-proclaimed Black-American Princess Claudia has been planning her perfect wedding, destined to be the most lavish event in Atlanta's black society. But when her prince gets cold feet, she's stunned and humiliated. She's done things in the bedroom with this man that her mother would disown her for!

Annelise is frustrated. How long can a woman go without getting some from her husband? The man she supported through law school, who she signed a prenup for. But it seems the man who used to want it all the time is still getting it...from another woman!

Thank goodness their devotedly single friend Lishelle has a couch to spare. But when ‘The Guy Who Got Away' in college reappears in her life, she starts envisioning a walk down the aisle. Ignoring her friends' advice, Lishelle agrees to guarantee his bank loans for a new business. A girl's got to invest in her future husband, right? But once he gets his hands on her money, he disappears...

After a little digging, the women discover that the jerks they've trusted have betrayed them in ways they'd never imagined. As the scorned friends bitch over a bottle of wine, an idea begins to take shape — letting these weasels slink quietly out of their lives is too good for them.

These women want revenge.

My Review

Revenge never tasted sweeter lol.

This book is about three women seeking revenge on the men who have wronged them. Betrayed them - and then slinked away with no regret.


It is really entertaining, vengeful but certainly not a romance by any means. Three best friends get even on their lying betraying partners.

Getting even is filled with lots of sex scenes with random guys and pay back is certainly a bitch !

The book is well written – the way its set out is easy to follow and I found the characters likeable enough to read on.

We all want revenge on the arse that has wronged us = and a woman scorned is certainly not only after revenge but ways to make her feel like she deserves better. However this story didn’t put through this completely – the girls have sex with guys that really just only just use them and their weakness to get what they want.  

The girls did get even in the end.

Which for me was certainly a happily ever after but I found that certain parts I don’t agree upon but hey if it makes you feel better than do as you please! lol. Revenge certainly comes in all forms !

It certainly was a likeable story, funny moment’s lots of sex and the Idea of Revenge certainly appealed to me ;) If only in real life it was this easy! lol

It would have been nice to find out what happened to the betraying weasels – a bit of detail actually (( grins ))

Overall, a story about three women who were screwed over but got even! I like that idea !!

This book was supplied to me via Harlequin Australia for my honest review ! Thank you .