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Colonist's Wife by Kylie Scott Book review & Giveaway

Title: Colonist's Wife
Author: Kylie Scott
Release Date: March 15th 2013
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Source: Purchased for review . In support of the Author.

It’s 2088, and having testified in a gangland murder trial, nowhere on Earth is safe for Louise. Witness Protection has organized a new identity and a marriage contract for her on the mining colony of Esther, one of the moons circling Jupiter. The man who meets her there is not the groom she expected.

Adam Elliot is neither sweet nor sincere, and he looks like he was hosed off a barroom floor. But soon a memorial service reveals Adam’s soft underbelly. Throw some stellar sex into the mix and the two decide that maybe marriage to each other might not be so bad after all.

But an assassin is already at work. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues on the planet’s frozen surface. Louise is determined to live long enough to draw the maniac away from the husband she might just have fallen for.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave.

My review.

Louise and Adam have a rough journey together and I really love the way that Kylie Scott paces this story.

One minute your married to one man, then next his best friend - Your world is in disarray and your running for your life. What more can go wrong ?

I had to giggle to myself - Adam and Louise's first impression would be like meeting an ogre who has just climbed out of the mud pit , lol.

I myself had to wander what pen he crawled out of from the vivid stench wafting out of the pages lol. But = nothing a little scrubbing cant fix !

You certainly can feel the attraction these two have, Its spine tingling - smoking hot and romantic all in one. But it certainly wasn't love at first sight.

Im not going into the storyline much - all I have to say is YOU MUST READ IT.

OKKKK ONE TEASER - But that shower scene - I think I needed a quick shower really fast - I would've jumped in and scrubbed his back for him - even washed his dam hair (( grins ))

At just under 90 pages long I cant believe how many details were put into the storyline that Kylie has written. It was like a roller coaster ride at every page turn something kept me on track. Whether it be the humour, the loving, the romance, or the suspense this book wasn't short of any.

Colonist's Wife - has A little humour, mystery, romance, hot loving ,warm fuzzies, and of course an edge ;) and did I say hot sexin ....

The world that Kylie created is unique and well put forth. The vivid descriptions will have you eagerly reading till the very last page.

I feel fairly confident in saying that you’re gong to like this one. I for one have loved all Kylie Scott's books ;) It’s beautifully romantic at times,suspenseful - wonderfully steamy and of course with a compelling storyline what more could you want .!!

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