Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Best Man - Kristan Higgins Book review

Title- The Best Man
Author- Kristan Higgins
Genre- Romance
Publication Date- 1st of March 2013
Publisher- Harlequin Mira

Blurb- Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she's ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family's vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there's some great scenery there….

Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief—and best friend of her former fiancĂ©. There's a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it's not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she's having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago. If she can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosĂ©, she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heron, and finish that walk down the aisle.


The Best Man is filled with romance, funny moments, Good characters, heartfelt  background, heart break  and sweet romance.

I  however personally did find at times the humour was certainly dry and lacking and if anything put through as negative.

It also has a fair few scenes that were meant to come across as funny – or laugh out loud moments, or maybe even a joke -  but certainly ended up as overkill and maybe a bit over the top. (( example - she male - whore ))

But despite some of the distasteful remarks and somewhat negative feel towards woman, this book was rather enjoyable.

There were many good aspects in this story – the romance that was put forth between Levi and Faith was sweet and romantic. Levi was certainly a swoon worthy male ((arms -)) smexy – and even, despite his broody attitude – damaged in his own way.

Faith was just looking for a little love, and seemed quiet needy at times, but once you get her back story it will more sense as to why she wants to get married and have a family of her own and at times why she is  so clingy and demanding love. Or needing is more the word.

The banter between Levi and Faith was certainly funny - a lot of sexual tension but overall a lot of laugh out loud moments between these two characters.

I did enjoy much so, the secondary characters that Kristie put forth they are certainly memorable and very likeable, they filled the story well and all info was well rounded and left me feeling content with them all within the pages.

The Best Man was both a humorous, heart – warming, heart-wrenching romance that was enjoyable, and after reading two of her books now , she does writes rural romance well. Her writing is sharp and well detailed and is ideal for all those after a slightly predictable storyline, but enjoyable romance.

Review copy provided by publisher. Thank you to Harlequin Australia

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