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Vampire erotique Winter Blog Tour - Interview with Dangerous and Sexy SNOW !

Interview with the dangerous and sexy Snow from the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series

Welcome Felicity and Snow to Page Flipperz today !


It’s great to be here today at Page Flipperz as part of my Vampirerotique Winter Tour celebrating the series and my latest release, Bewitch.


Today, I’ll be talking to a future hero in the series in a specially requested interview for Kat. Snow needs no introduction to fans of the Vampire Erotic Theatre series, but here’s a little more about this dark and dangerous two thousand year old vampire.


Snow is the older brother of Antoine and an aristocrat who is over two thousand years old, incredibly powerful, and also slightly crazed. Bloodlust rules Snow, often turning him dark and unpredictable, and extremely dangerous. When lost to his bloodlust, Snow sees anyone as a target, even his brother, and has a tendency to attack anyone who comes between him and blood. He is also fiercely protective of those he cares about, and will seek to destroy anyone who upsets Antoine or threatens the females at the theatre, particularly the heroines. Snow has his good nights and his bad nights. Considering a good night for Snow is temporary sanity or only one or two incidents of his bloodlust seizing control, a bad night is one for horror movie lovers. Snow fights his bloodlust every step of the way, but has grown weary during the past few centuries and now seeks his death or an end to his suffering. He might just get one of the things he wishes for when a woman walks into his life, but which will it be—salvation or death?


Read on to find out more about Snow...


It is shortly before the events that unfurled in Bewitch, the latest book in the series, and I’m sitting on the edge of a very wicked looking queen-sized bed that puts a new spin on the traditional four-poster. While the black silk sheets and fluffed up pillows make it look luxurious and comfortable, the thick metal posts that end in wide steel plates bolted to the ceiling and floor give it a torture chamber feel that might make most women in my position question their safety.


Not me though. I sit here undaunted, my companion watching me with intense aquamarine eyes, studying me for a reaction. The immense aristocrat vampire male lays reclined on his pillows, free of his restraints, wearing black jeans and a black robe that is open, revealing his muscular bare chest. His overlong white hair is a stark contrast against the darkness of his surroundings.


FH: I like what you’ve done with the place. It certainly has a nice dangerous-but-irresistible vibe about it. Did you decorate your apartment yourself?


SNOW: *frowns* Antoine helped. He thinks it’s a little sombre and does not help my mood or do me any good, but I like it. It is home and the fewer distractions I have, the more I can concentrate on what is important during the long hours I spend in this room.


FH: Like battling your bloodlust?


SNOW: You are not afraid to say things straight and I like that. It’s refreshing. Lilah and Sera both pretend not to notice the chains or the restraints, or the dents in my bedposts where I have fought against my captivity when lost to my darker urges. Antoine dances around the subject of my sickness and with good reason. He does not say it, but I know he fears that he will follow me down this dark path one day.


FH: It must be difficult for you both, but Sera seems to be doing Antoine a world of good, and I think that the presence of all these women who fuss over you is doing you good too. What about you, are you worried that your younger brother may one day succumb to bloodlust as you have?


SNOW: *eyes narrow* I would never allow that to happen. While I only give my brother despair for his future, he blesses me with hope for mine. Even in my darkest hours, I cling to the dream that one day I may be sane enough to venture outside without fear of losing control.


FH: You seem well tonight though.


SNOW: *huffs* I am blessed with a moment of sanity. A brief reprieve. It will not last. We have tried so many different ways of combating the disease but it is too deep in my system. I can gain a few hours of lucidity at times, cutting myself free of the vines that bind my sanity and my relentless hunger, but I cannot destroy the roots of this corruption. It is in my blood and my genes. The vines re-grow and burrow deeper into me than before and I am lost again.


FH: I’m sure you will find a way to gain enough control over your bloodlust to live a normal life one day, Snow. Never give up hope. Antoine works so hard to find new methods. It would kill him if he lost you.


SNOW: I know... but I am not sure I am worth saving. I am not worth the sacrifices he makes. He can learn from the mistakes in our past and lead a normal life. I have done nothing to deserve his love and devotion.


FH: You’re his brother, and from what I’ve heard, you were like a father to him because of your age gap. You helped raise him and he loves you. I don’t think he’ll ever give up on finding a cure for your bloodlust, and not because he wants to cure himself. Now, enough talk about this. I’m sure dwelling on it only makes you feel worse.


SNOW: *smiles and it’s devastating*


FH: You know, so many ladies want to be the one to help you and when you smile like that, I think about joining them. How about we talk a little about you?


SNOW: I thought we had been talking about me? *moves on the bed and his black robe falls further open, the satin spilling down his bare chest*


FH: *stares unabashedly* Did you say something?


SNOW: I’m up here *clicks his fingers and my gaze snaps up to his gorgeous icy eyes* *laughs* Females, you’re all the same. I said, I thought we had been talking about me?


FH: No, we were talking about your bloodlust but that doesn’t define you. You care a great deal about your brother and the people here, don’t you?


SNOW: *looks pensive* I love Antoine, and Javier and Callum are like family to me... and Lilah and the other newcomers too, Payne and Andreu, Sera and Chica and Kristina. They are my family... *red rings his irises*


FH: Snow? *touches his hand* Come back to me.


SNOW: *raises his head* Huh? *looks startled but the red fades* Sorry. Sometimes it creeps up on me. Where were we?


FH: Talking about the Vampirerotique family and you. I’m sure the readers would like to know more about you. Let’s cover the basics for them. Where are you from? Oh, and Kat wanted to know how you got the name Snow?


SNOW: Where aren’t I from? I was born in Norway, around two thousand years ago. We travelled from those cold lands and when Antoine came into the world we were settled in Switzerland. As for my name, my... I was born with this name, but in the language of my homeland. Antoine suggested we use the English translation of it around six hundred years ago, mostly because many people found the original word difficult to pronounce, including him.


FH: It explains the mixed accents. There’s a thousand year age gap between you and Antoine. What was it like suddenly having a little brother?


SNOW: It kept me grounded. I watched over him, taught him, helped raise him. I would return from my times away from the chateau when he was young and tell him all about the outside world and where I had been, and he would listen to every word, rapt and with wonder in his eyes.


FH: It’s more like he was your son than your brother. Would you ever have children?


SNOW: *growls* No.


FH: Okay.


SNOW: *slumps into his black pillows* I am not sure I could trust myself around them.


FH: What about around other people’s children? *he shakes his head* That’s a shame. I’m sure when the residents of Vampirerotique begin raising kids they’ll want you to be involved. If Antoine ever fathered a child, would you help him raise it?


SNOW: *looks pained* I would leave until it had grown. I am not to be trusted. Antoine would want me to be involved, to hold the babe... what if I... no. I would have to leave.


FH: That would hurt Antoine.


SNOW: I know, but it doesn’t matter. His pain would be one thousand times worse if I harmed his child.


FH: That’s sort of sad.


SNOW: *growls* I think you should leave too. I do not need your pity.


FH: *squeezes his hand* I know. I wasn’t pitying you. I was pitying Antoine and the child. You would make a good uncle, even if you don’t believe it. They would miss out on all the love you would give the child. You have a gentle side.


SNOW: *scoffs* You know that is a lie.


FH: Nope. I don’t. I know you, Snow. You may growl and snarl and push people away, but you have a softer side. You care a lot about Lilah and Sera, and your brother, and the others here. You’re just afraid you’ll lose control.


SNOW: With good reason. I still want you to leave.


FH: Nope on that front too. I have some more questions. I know this will come up when readers read this so, when was the last time you were in a physical relationship?


SNOW: *eyes widen* As in, love?


FH: Love, lust, either.


SNOW: I am not sure I have ever been in love. Lust perhaps... and the last time was shortly after my bloodlust emerged several centuries ago. She discovered my secret and we parted company.


FH: Is that a fancy way of saying she dumped you, because if you want, I’ll track her down and kick her arse.


SNOW: *smiles at last* I would pay to see that. You are quite formidable. I am sure you would be the victor... but our parting was mutual. I told her about what was happening to me and that whatever was happening between us would never become what she desired it to be, and that I thought it best we no longer saw each other.


FH: That sounds a lot like you dumped her. It’s an old-world “it’s not you, it’s me” speech if you ask me.


SNOW: It is a good job that no one asked you then. *smiles wider* I have not been with a female since then. I do not believe there is any female in this world who can love me, not as I am, not when I would be such a danger to her.


FH: I bet there have been offers though. *grins* Lots of them. *he smiles again* That’s a yes. This is another topic that Kat wanted to know about. She was interested to know what your ideal mate would be?


SNOW: I have dreamed of milk white skin and a waterfall of inky hair, and eyes the colour of the aurora borealis... eyes like a new green spring seedling breaking through pale winter ice... sometimes she feels familiar, like a memory, but perhaps she is only an elusive dream. I am not likely to ever meet such a female where I live, and I cannot leave the theatre. *tips his head back into the pillows and stares up at the ceiling* Whenever my heart grows darkest, I see her in my dreams... and I long to return to my homeland. Perhaps it is just the dreams of a madman?


FH: I don’t think many people would call you mad.


SNOW: *snaps his head down and stares at me* I am madder than the March hare, and you would do well not to forget it. She would need to be strong, very capable of handling me when the bloodlust strikes, and... this conversation is pointless. There is no female in this world capable of handling me when my darker urges seize control.


FH: Never say never. I bet there’s a woman out there who can handle everything about you, Snow, and when you meet her, she is going to rock your world.


SNOW: *shakes his head* I highly doubt that. Perhaps a female would be interested in me while I am sane but once my bloodlust emerges, she would move on.


FH: The right woman wouldn’t. Would you like a woman in your life?


SNOW: *frowns at his knees* Perhaps. I see Javier with Lilah and... I see Antoine with Sera... and he looks so happy... and it does not matter. It will never happen. I would like to rest now. My head aches.


FH: *strokes his white hair* Kat also asked what your favourite pastime is and I think we all know the answer to that one. How about I read to you for a while?


SNOW: I would like that. *settles onto his side*


FH: Um, off you go reader. I think this interview is officially over. *picks up Snow’s worn copy of War and Peace from the ebony nightstand and strokes his hair with her other hand as she reads* Well, Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Buonapartes...



I hope you have all enjoyed this insight into Snow and life at Vampirerotique!


Snow’s book, Unleash, will be out later this year.
Thank you both for joining me On Page Flipperz today .I certainly cant't wait for Snow's book! (( grins ))kat



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