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The Spirit of the Heart - Ismael N Nuno Md Book Review


As one of America's former leading cardiac surgeons, Dr. Nuño healed patients' hearts. Fixing "broken" hearts gave him a unique and intimate view into the power of the heart. Even coming face to face with death and losing patients, there is a beauty that can exist even in loss. The Spirit of the Heart is a collection of heart-warming stories that resonate at the core of our humanness. He graciously offers the insights he has gained from occupying a front-row seat at some of life's most real and raw moments. These tender stories teach us about what it means to be human, to be connected to others, to love, to live, to forgive.

My review

5 /5

Doctor Ismael N. Nuno, M.D. is a Heart surgeon in California. As one of America's former leading cardiac surgeons, Dr. Nuño healed patients' hearts.

 Fixing "broken" hearts gave him a unique and intimate view into the power of the heart   In The SPIRIT of the HEART Stories he tells of Family, Hope, Loss, and Healing. Many stories entwined with the pages are of hope, survival, loss of loved ones, patients and the spirit with the body and soul. You may even grin a little at times and be deep in thought on within the other pages.

Do these sometime miracles occur due to the faith of one, the technology provided or the expertise of the surgeon??? Dr Nuno tells us of his story – his beliefs, his thoughts and many a times when he thought the worse outcome and it came across more of a miracle.

Dr. Nuno writes about the loss of loved ones within his family - families, patients, and surgeries he has performed. He writes about losing patients, and family despite his vast knowledge of his work. Sometimes it’s just not enough to save them. However, due to his extensive knowledge he has also given many more time on earth due to his operations and faith in what he does.

Like most surgeons Doctor Ismael wants no more them to help them survive even in there weakest moments. He has given many patients more time on earth due to his loyalty to his work, his faith in what he does and his caring attitude for his patients, and survival. We see many stories of survival and many of loss.

We see and feel along the way as Doctor Nuno loses loved ones due to heart conditions, he knows what this disease does to someone and he has lived through this ordeal on more than just a patient level but with loved ones close to his heart.

Doctor Nuno has been behind the scenes on many shows giving his knowledge and consultations where medicine is concerned. Aka House Md. Even to the extent of helping out when the pope is involved.

I enjoyed this book from the first chapter. I felt as though I was within the pages as the Doctor told his stories. I felt his heart breaking as he told of the loss of this daughter. The loss of his mother and the wonderful dream is also had of her telling him she is fine. So even in loss his mothers comes to him in a dream and tells him she is fine and in one piece. I can see can this gave him that ending he needed even after her death. I really enjoyed this heartfelt moment.

Myself had an encounter after my dad passed, We were discussing him and hoping his life is now peaceful after all he had been through. A bottle of lavender smashed in the bathroom, giving us a sense of peace that he is now resting and with his daughter . This may seem unreal and untrue but it gave us the family a sense of well being on such a sad occassion.

As a mother I can’t imagine his pain of knowing so much as doctor and being unable to help the ones he loves. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you know, how much technology you have at your hands, sometimes it’s just time, or circumstances that cannot help one.

Doctor nuno tells stories of his family, his upbringing, his children, life and death and his career.

From what I read this doctor had a lot of heart and soul and believed that anything was certainly possible. But also it seems he never knew what to expect.

He tells of an operation he performs, a heart transplant, where they wait watching the heart, expecting a disaster that never comes. He says he wanders to himself if it was the technology or prayer that saved the young ladies life. ?? (I believe that it’s nice to believe in what you do, it certainly gives you hope)

Is it faith or technology? That saved this girls life? You really have to wander yourself right!

These stories are very heart warming, touching both professional levels and personal levels. I really enjoyed these Doctors stories he told, and I think it would be wonderful for more to also write down more of their lives along the way.

The book was inspirational, wonderfully written and a well told story for all. I highly recommend to all who don’t fear to believe in all possibilities in life. Whether it be your faith, your prayers, the untold or modern technology or medicine.

This doctors beliefs in all - has performed many miracles . Which certainly made my heart fill full - and also ache.


Kind thank to the Cadence Group IL for supplying me this hardcover review copy for my honest opinion and thoughts.

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