Monday, April 29, 2013

Official Lion Hearts Website Launches - M W Russell - A V Barber

Official Lion Hearts Website Launches

We are extremely proud to present the brand new, official Lion Hearts Website

The site boasts all the usual features keeping you fully up to date with all the latest news, facts and rumours! In addition, you can join the Lion Hearts Fan club completely for FREE!

Members will gain EXCLUSIVE access to additional features such as weekly podcasts from the authors, lines from the Lion Hearts actors, a forum, interviews and much, much more!

The existing Lion Hearts Fan pages over on Facebook will continue to publish excerpts and spoilers as usual!

You can find the Official Facebok Page HERE


In the meantime - A snippet from Lilly!

"Lilly glanced down as she sensed the trickle of warmth reach her fingertips. She had gripped the tiny blade harder than planned yet she felt nothing from where the hilt pierced her skin. A tiny pool of red was forming on the table. It fel...t strangely symbolic. Her blood drawn through the anguish of her tears, saturating and consuming as the pain seared at her heart rather than her hand. A heart that now shattered with reminders of all she had lost. Her Knight had been missing for months rather than days and her purpose for living felt consumed with shadow with no light pulling towards tomorrow’s horizon."

I am undecided at which point in the book this may come -  ( M W Russell ) Here's some contemplation from Lilly!

The Power of His Scent.

A silent vapor, it seeks you and finds you unawares. gently beneath your skin, filling every cavity of breath, it intoxicates and haunts.
As you close your eyes, each ingredient fills you with ardent pleasure, leaving its signature in pathways, kissing gently your nose, your eyes and the nerves on your lips.
Its power incapacitates you and has you reeling in visions of wants, of maybes, of dreams both past and present.
With desires unspoken and thoughts in secret shadow – nothing lures you more.
It is of him. A guilty pleasure and undying love where touch may not be possible or spoken word too risky: but made believable and tangible through the power of his scent.

By M.W.Russell
(copyright MWR 27/02/2013)

and I so love this ...................With time passing, the essence of your light shall be. My heart may sting with the absence of your face, but the heat of your touch lingers on. I shall be with you always! #LionHearts.


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