Sunday, October 14, 2012

Witch Devotion by Elizabeth J Kolodziej Review & Giveaway

With Trent gone, Faith, the last witch in the world, feels she can not go on without him. The pain grows so intense that she shuts out her friends and loved ones to be alone; unsure of what to think about the paranormal world anymore. However, on a trip to see Gordon she realizes what she can do to make the pain go away. A spell.
But, the spell ends up back firing and Faith has now forgotten the past six months. All the memories of vampires, werewolves, and her magical training have vanished. And the first to find her is Louis who comes to whisk her away and change the course of her life forever.

Webs of lies and deceit have Faith feeling powerless and scared that when Louis gives her the option of becoming a slayer she takes it, hoping to get revenge on the race she believes stole the past six months of her life away. With the Goddess Circe interfering, Lilith still missing and Faith unable to remember Trent, no one knows what will happen next!

However, when a stranger enters her life bringing with him secrets to her missing memories, Faith can no longer trust those around her and must figure out for herself who is good and who is evil. The world of vampires and werewolves or that of slayers. The coin is still up in the air and Faith must make a choice of where her devotions lie.

About the author:

With a B.A. in English from George Mason University, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej is the author of popular Last Witch Series. With raving reviews from places like Reader Views
and Reader’s Favorite, Elizabeth has spent the past several years publishing and marketing her books; proudly getting her own book, Vampyre Kisses, into Barnes and Noble stores. With a history of researching the origins of vampires, werewolves and witches since she was young, she now studies new and inventive ways to market herself while trying to help and inspire other writers along the way.
Review for Witch Devotion
After finishing book two Elizabeth certainly had me on the edge of my seat and also screaming with Faith. So when I was sent book three Witch Devotion to find out what or how or who ..  Or if she was for real - lol - I was more than eager to read and find out in which direction she would take us.
Now - wow - what can I say..... Witch Devotions is certainly full of surprises, and I must say as Much as I loved Trent - Vincent made me gooey all the less lol.
Faith can no longer take the pain of loosing the one she loves so she casts her own spell to forget him and her pain. Now - this seems like a great solution to me  , except that now Faith is unsure in the end as to whom she can trust. Faith  has lost her memories of the last 6 months , and  starts over again.  She has never heard of vampires, werewolves or witches, and we are taken on a roller coaster ride with her as she learns once again how to  grasp with  her powers and live her life as the last witch .
I'm not going into the storyline much with this = except that it was a fantastic edition to The Last Witch series.  Elizabeth has certainly taken us on a high octane roller coaster ride, filled with many twists and turns and even a surprise or two we certainly don't anticipate. I love that in her stories, she always surprises me.. and not always in a good way ** grins **
The storyline is certainly riveting - keeping the reader engaged from the first pages up until the last page has been turned. This series has been one of my favourite series to date .
The characters are certainly not flawless - each has there own unique personalities and qualities some with more of it than others for sure.We are shown each persons relationship to each other, the good and the bad.
As Faith struggles to live life - I can relate to her anguish. When you loose someone you love, I know they say that's why memories are created for ,  but I can certainly see why she would want to forget. 
Elizabeth puts  forth Faiths anguish and heartache well - this is very true to real life as the loss of someone you love. The emotions are very descriptive and as a reader who has followed Faith since the first book I could definelty feel her heart breaking.
Once again Elizabeth has delivered the goodies  - giving us kick arse action, twists and turns, a heart flutter or two, wonderfully scripted characters and a fantastic storyline with even witty dialogue at times to make you giggle .
The Last Witch series is a series not to be missed . Be taken into the world of the Paranormal where everything you thought never existed  - does . Unique qualities added to Vampire characteristic that I thoroughly enjoyed and a storyline unique and certainly captivating till you have turned that last page.
Giveaway today will be an e copy of Witch Devotions to one lucky commentor. But if you havent read any of the series. Book one can be given instead. Just tell me what paranormal creature you like best ... WInner drawn by random in one week.