Thursday, October 4, 2012

Listen To your Heart by K T Biship SPOTLIGHT

Listen to Your Heart – Olympic Series book 2
K.T. Bishop

Olympic Curling medalist Robin Friesz was enjoying life living in Stockholm, Sweden. Robin did not have to become a Swedish resident as long as he played for the professional football team. When the league folded, he had a choice: become a citizen or return back to the United States. His girlfriend, Inga Johan, provided a problem. Inga, an Olympic skating medalist, was popular in her native land. They were in love and she pushed him to become a citizen. Robin was in a puzzle.

About the Author:
K.T. Bishop is a long-time Southerner, who has lived his entire life in the Deep South. He was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Oct. 18, 1969. He attended the University of Alabama and graduated from Stillman College in 1992.  He's a Pulitzer prize winning news reporter and who resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This will be his eighth book at Red Rose Publishing.

When Robin found refuge underneath the shaded tree, a sharp pain suddenly struck his heart. He exhaled heavily and cringed at the pain.
He quickly traced the source of discomfort that unexpectedly tickled his heart.
An image of Inga swam inside his head, which made the pain vanish. A smile filled the corners of his mouth during the visit down memory lane.  He stumbled into a spoiled, arrogant foreign actress at the Vancouver International Airport.
Robin’s heart melted at the first sight of Inga, falling in love with her. She initially hated his guts, but Cupid stuck a love arrow into her heart. Admiration grew into attraction, which their love helped the other capture medals at the Winter Olympics.
As Robin looked upward and gazed into the bright sunrays, the time had come to tell Inga the truth. He had to be upfront with the love of his life.
He stretched his body on the bench for a few seconds and ran back home for an intense one-on-one talk with Inga. “She’s not going to like what I have to say, but I must get this off my chest and level with her.”
While Inga never dropped hints of marriage, Robin always understood they would eventually become Mr. and Mrs. Friesz someday. The timing wasn’t right. He stood minutes away from risking a life of happiness over his American stance.