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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young book Tour review & Giveaway

Welcome to the Tour for On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. For the tour I have my book review = why I loved this book and a fantastic giveaway for 4 lucky winners. Find the book cover, blurb and my review.


Four years ago, Jocelyn Butler left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Edinburgh. Burying the grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without any real attachments has worked well for her so far but when Joss moves into a fantastic apartment on Dublin Street, her carefully guarded world is shaken to its core by her new roommate's sexy older brother.

Braden Carmichael is a man who always gets what he wants. And what he wants is Jocelyn in his bed. Knowing how skittish Joss is concerning any kind of relationship, Braden proposes a sexual arrangement that should satisfy the intense attraction between them without it developing into anything 'more'. An intrigued Jocelyn agrees, completely unprepared for the Scotsman and his single-minded determination to strip the stubborn young woman bare... to the very soul.

My review

I snuggled into bed all intentions of reading a few chapters before bed and at 2am I closed my reader sighed and thought oh man ** that was fantastic **. My heart was feeling kind of heavy - I’m not sure from the sheer depth of the story, the happiness or the heart ache that transpired within the pages. But I have to say ** It rocked my world ** I’m a true romantic at heart, and On Dublin Street is a perfect blend of romance. Certainly not perfect or flawless but real .

Samantha young is well known for her Ya books that she so cleverly crafts ,and when I heard she had a contemporary romance up and running I flew over and read the teaser she supplied and knew I HAD TO READ IT !! She certainly didn't disappoint. I was snared and she had me completely and utterly in a trance within this story.
A love story that will make you cry, laugh, giggle and have you’re breathe baited on many a scene... And for all those who love those sexy - toe curling, panty bunching moments... be prepared for some steamy lovin.... ** grins **

On Dublin Street the characters endure grief, heartbreak, anger and loss in life. Joss has lost all that she ever loved in life, and after eight years has decided to relocate to Dublin Street. Here she meets Braden and Elle.
Joss not wanting to form any kind of attachments in life, due to her loss and heart breaks, she lives every day as it takes her. Writing her novel, going to the gym and just trying to breeze through life being Un wavered. However these two additions to her life test Joss's resolve in more ways than one. A wonderful new flatmate, who any girl would love to bond with and a heartbreaking sexy Beefcake that any girl would love to run her hands over…

However Braden has other ideas. Upon their first meeting the chemistry between Braden and Joss was volcanic... Within the first few chapters My heart was a flutter _ I was gooey and eagerly awaiting Joss to put down that wall that she kept up to keep her safe and just let that Sexy Scott have his way with her.

Braden Carmichael is rich, overprotective, and sexy as hell, - dominant, intense, stubborn and a Get what he wants kinda man. He is straight forward, honest and Shows Ross that he likes what he sees. His character is certainly not flawless, but Braden tries to open up parts of Ross that she only ever wanted locked away. But with is personality and traits, he slowly chips away at Joss's resolve and she finds herself telling him more than she has ever told anyone. A friendship is formed between them and the friends with benefits maybe more than just a fleeting moment.

I enjoyed Ross's character - she was a tortured soul but a strong character, even with the past that she endured, she had a lot of skeletons in her closet that she didn’t want to share. But with a personality that is certainly not easily manipulated she endured to keep all her emotions hidden, to protect herself from being hurt. However upon moving into Dublin street Her mind is telling her one thing - Run - her heart another. Ross is sassy, smart and a very true to life character. I enjoyed her witty comments and many a time I had a giggle to myself at her.

I enjoyed the way in which Samantha created all her characters realistically even the stuck up bitches that Braden quiet often ensnared ** snickers **

All the characters that Samantha put forward in this story were well scripted. I loved Elle and her sweet ways, and all the characters certainly had their place within the pages.

We are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions through Dublin Street. Many a scenes you reader will be wafting with steam, and other moments if you’re like me, you will have the tears flowing .

Samantha has put forth well all the emotions perfectly - to have the reader feeling what is scripted within the pages, heartbreak, loss, love etc. She has certainly has written these well. The emotions are sometimes intense, raw and certainly scary at how real they can be in everyday life. But also how true happiness can also feel. The vivid descriptions that Samantha has engaged the reader in certainly gives the story depth and visuals ;)

The storyline was intriguing, and the plot certainly well placed, all the dialogue flowed fluently. The story for me was certainly no stop GO .... go go !

Overall – On Dublin Street is An Engaging, emotional yet truly satisfying romance, filled with sizzling sexy moments, and an intriguing story with romance that will have you eagerly flipping the pages to find out how the story pans out.

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Jaye Frances - Interview - Giveaway - The Cruise , All That Glitters

Id like to welcome Jaye Frances to Page Flipperz today to give us an excerpt on her latest release The Cruise - All that Glitters, a fun interview and a wonderful Giveaway. As well as more of Jaye's books to check out. Find the Cover , blurb , links and Interview as follows.


An excerpt ;)
From The Cruise – All That Glitters:
In the following excerpt, Dean is relaxing in a quiet and deserted hot tub, enjoying the memory of having spent the day with Angel, the girl of his dreams. He’s fantasizing about their future life together when he’s interrupted by Marcie—another girl he had previously noticed on the ship . . .

Here’s an excerpt from “The Cruise-All That Glitters”:

The sudden hiss and pop of the compression door-closer surprised me. Probably a crewmember, making his rounds. Hopefully he’ll go away.
“Hi, mind if I join you?” The words barely cut through the tumbling boil of the water.
I was enjoying the privacy, anticipating the rest of the night with Angel. I wasn’t in the mood for conversation. Even though it was a female voice, I hesitated, not wanting to answer.
“Yoo-hoo, I’m up here. I promise I won’t take up much room.”
I couldn’t ignore her; she was standing right above me. “No, I don’t mind,” I answered.
A small foot suddenly dangled inches from my shoulder, then dipped down into the swirling water. “I saw you watching me last night at dinner.”
I looked up. It was little tight-bodied, butt-squirming Marcie. She was wearing a tiny black bikini that exposed a flat stomach, nicely proportioned breasts and a cute little bottom that appeared to be little more than a muscular extension of her thighs. She carried no cover-up and had thrown her towel on a nearby chair, not caring that I could see the full length of her.
“My name’s Marcie.”
If I had to share the hot tub with someone, at least it would be with her and not one of those middle-aged, torso-disadvantaged women I’d encountered yesterday on the Lido deck. I smiled and nodded. “Sure, I remember. You’re sitting at the next table with your friend, the one with the dark hair. I’m Dean.”
“I didn’t think there’d be anyone out here,” she said. “But this is nice. It’ll give us a chance to get acquainted.” She lowered her body into the water and sat surprisingly close, settling a few inches away. I watched as hundreds of foaming bubbles rolled up her honey-tan skin, evaporating as they touched her shoulders.
Lucky bubbles.
“Water’s not very warm, is it?”
“No, but it’s relaxing, especially after a few minutes.”
Her features were soft and attractive, more so than I had observed from my vantage point at dinner. Her blond hair was short and thick, and precisely cut to frame her face. Her lips were cupid-bow perfect, suggesting the sweet promise of a stolen kiss.
Suddenly, and without hesitation or any apparent concern over my reaction, she reached behind and unfastened her top. Peeling it away from her body, she laid it on the deck and leaned back, casually looking up at the darkening sky, as if a topless soak with a stranger was an everyday occurrence.
“Thank God for the bubbles, right?” Her eyes had a mischievous twinkle.
I smiled, enjoying the welcome stimulation of an attractive woman sitting close, her bare breasts only inches from my shoulder.
We sat for several minutes, she poking at the bubbles and me watching her, both of us occasionally allowing a quick glance to grow into a longer, engaging stare, usually ending with a burst of laughter. Once, she stuck her tongue out at me in a kind of comic reprimand. And while I understood the meaning, I found myself wondering how she would taste.
Here’s a brief synopsis:
It’s love on the high seas for Dean, a thirty-something bachelor taking his first cruise, hoping for a shipboard romance. On the prowl for the elusive hard-body, he quickly becomes disillusioned, wondering if his expectation of a boatload of beautiful sea nymphs is something found only in travel brochures.
Until he meets Angel.
She is the girl of his dreams, brought to life as a bewitching goddess, ready to engage in every sensual delight. Quickly lured into submission by Angel’s seductive charms, Dean is ready to surrender his heart and soul to this provocative beauty.
Until he meets Marcie . . .

Amazon Links for The Cruise – All That Glitters:



A little bit about Jaye before we start the interview.

Author Bio:
Jaye Frances is the author of The Kure, a paranormal-occult romance novel, The Possibilities of Amy, a coming-of-age story of high school romance, The Cruise-All That Glitters, a humorous adult satire about a single guy hoping to have a romantic encounter at sea, and The Beach, a sci-fi fantasy about a man who is given the opportunity to receive his ultimate wish—and lives to regret it. Her next book, scheduled for a November 2012 release, is titled Love Travels Forever, a collection of poignant short stories and essays.  She is also a featured columnist for the NUSA SUN magazine. Born in the Midwest, Jaye readily admits that her life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent. When she’s not consumed by her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which find their way to her website. Jaye lives on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes. For more information, visit Jaye’s website at www.jayefrances.com, or Jaye’s Blog at http://blog.jayefrances.com
Interview with Jaye Frances ..
Tell me a little about yourself, where do you live, cats, dogs .
I grew up in the Midwest, where I learned to roller skate, play softball, and make tunnels through snowdrifts. I currently live on the gulf coast of Florida, where I’ve learned to build sandcastles, make huge margaritas, and apply sunscreen with my eyes closed.
·       What inspired you to write this book ? 

It was a combination of right place at the wrong time. Actually—and unfortunately—the character of Dean was all too easy to develop. A friend of mine had the creepy experience of being stalked while we were on a cruise ship vacation together. Unable to shake him with either polite courtesies or frank dismissal, she had to succumb to a few days of duck-and-cover until he finally got the message and moved on to other prey.
At the time, the incident was frustrating and a bit distressing. But after the fact, both my friend and I found the idea of a lothario-at-sea amusing. As I began to recount some of his more blatant antics, I realized I had the basis for a story—one that quickly grew into a twisting, edgy satire that exposes the male libido through the ramblings of a cocky, overly-confident single guy looking for love, or his version of it, on the high seas.
·       How many have you currently written and have released ..

 I currently have four published books, and a fifth scheduled for a  November release. Here’s a little about each of them:
“The Kure" is a paranormal-occult romance based on the historical dark practices of the "virgin cure." The story is set in 1860's Kentucky, and follows the burgeoning romance of John and Sarah, who meet under very unusual and conflicting circumstances. For the brave, you can find some background info about the story on my website, where I reveal some of the not-so-shining moments from history upon which this tale is based.

Here’s a synopsis:
John Tyler, a young man in his early twenties, awakens to find a ghastly affliction taking over his body. When the village doctor offers the conventional, and potentially disfiguring, treatment as the only cure, John tenaciously convinces the doctor to reveal an alternative remedy—a forbidden ritual contained within an ancient manuscript called the Kure.
Although initially rejecting the vile and sinister rite, John realizes, too late, that the ritual is more than a faded promise scrawled on a page of crumbling paper. And as cure quickly becomes curse, the demonic text unleashes a dark power that drives him to consider the unthinkable—a depraved and wicked act requiring the corruption of an innocent soul.
Ultimately, John must choose between his desperate need to arrest the plague that is destroying his body, and the virtue of the woman he loves, knowing the wrong decision could cost him his life.
                                                            *  *  *  *

"The Possibilities of Amy" is a coming-of-age story about David, a high school senior, who falls in love at first sight with the new transfer student, Amy. Unfortunately, David's buddies have also noticed Amy, and devise a competition to see who can be the first to seduce her. David is caught in the middle and has to decide whether to align his interests with his friends, or protect the new love of his life . . .
Amy” was a very personal story for me. After attending a high school class reunion, I re-connected with a schoolmate who told me that he had carried a torch for me all through those angst-filled years. As I thought about all the "secret loves" I had kept inside, and a story was born . . .
Here’s a synopsis:
Amy is the ultimate trophy girl—gorgeous face, killer body, and a vivacious personality. But there’s something else about her, something that makes her even more special. Amy is new. A transfer student from out of state, she’s starting her senior year without knowing a soul. And that means she’s up for grabs, available.
Infatuated from the moment he sees her, David is determined to meet Amy, and if the fates are willing, to spend the rest of his life with her. But his shyness prevents him from approaching her—until his friends devise a contest to determine who will be the first to prove their manhood by seducing her.
                                                            *  *  *  *
“The Cruise-All That Glitters” is a humorous adult satire on romance about Dean, a 30-something single guy—and a real piece of work, by the way— who is taking his first cruise, hoping to find a boatload of beautiful women to conquer. The story is a twisting, sharp, satirical comedy that takes no prisoners along the bumpy road of relationships.
Here’s a synopsis:
It’s love on the high seas for Dean, a thirty-something bachelor taking his first cruise, hoping for a shipboard romance. On the prowl for the elusive hard-body, he quickly becomes disillusioned, wondering if his expectation of a boatload of beautiful sea nymphs is something found only in travel brochures.
Until he meets Angel.
She is the girl of his dreams, brought to life as a bewitching goddess, ready to engage in every sensual delight. Quickly lured into submission by Angel’s seductive charms, Dean is ready to surrender his heart and soul to this provocative beauty.
Until he meets Marcie . . .
                                                                           *  *  *  *

“The Beach” is a sci-fi fantasy about Alan, a self-resigned loner, who is given the opportunity to obtain his heart’s desire, and is horrified when his wish actually comes true. The book is a duella, and also includes the suspense thriller “Short Time.”
Here’s a synopsis:
Alan loves the beach. More than a weekend respite, it is his home, his refuge, his sanctuary. And for most of the year, he strolls the sand in blissful solitude, letting nature—and no one else—touch him. But spring has given way to summer, and soon, the annual invasion of vacationers and tourists will subdivide the beach with blankets, umbrellas, and chairs, depriving Alan of his privacy and seclusion—the fundamental touchstones of his life.
Resigned to endure another seasonal onslaught of beach-goers, Alan believes there is nothing he can do but prepare for the worst. 
But fate has other plans.
Delivered to him on the crest of a rogue wave, the strange object appears to have no purpose, no practical use—until Alan accidentally discovers what waits inside. Now he must attempt to unravel an ageless mystery, unaware that the final outcome will change his life, and the beach, forever.
In the companion novella Short Time, you’ll meet a respectable but bored middle-class executive, who exchanges his future for six months of excess and extravagance, only to find out the price he must pay for his hedonistic indulgence is beyond anything he could have imagined.
My next release, scheduled for November 2012, is titled “Love Travels Forever” and is a collection of poignant short stories and essays.
                                                            *  *  *  *
*Do you do your own covers

I developed the covers for three of my books: “The Possibilities of Amy,” “The Cruise-All That Glitters” and “The Beach”
The cover for “The Kure” was designed by a very talented artist from a sketch that I provided. I think she did a great job!
·       What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you what tools must you have?

I’ve always believed good writing, i.e. a great story, engages the attention of the reader by developing an emotional and intellectual connection—one that refuses to be broken, no matter how many fire engines are sitting in front of the house!  While the creative elements of character development, setting, and tone are essential, the most telling aspect of any book is how it is received by a reader—a completely subjective experience.    
·       Have any books or authors influenced what you write ?

Many authors have left their imprint on my imagination—Dean Koontz and Stephen King for their fearless treks into the darkest recesses of the mind, David Sedaris for his candid and comedic interpretations of life, Ray Bradbury and Orson Wells for intelligent writing that continues to influence the reader long after the book been put back on the shelf.            
·       What is your writing process do you follow a routine ?

Much of my writing schedule requires a certain level of routine—for example, scheduling time for correspondence, marketing, organization, and phone calls. Most important, however, is committing time to the process of writing new material.  And for me, that’s probably the most difficult part, so I’ve developed a way to focus on that priority.
Rather than allowing myself to be easily distracted with unimportant tasks—the laundry can wait, I’ll order take-out for dinner, and UPS can leave the package at the door without a signature—I remind myself that constantly creating new ideas, characters, and situations is one of the best ways to evolve as a writer. It’s a fairly straightforward process. It simply takes time and, unfortunately, a lot of discipline.
·       Did you or have your learned anything writing your books ?

I’ve found that the most interesting stories are the ones going on all around me, taking place in real life. And with a little twist here, and a little alteration there, my imagination takes over and pretty soon, I’ve got a rough draft.
·       Any advice to future writers ?

Start writing now. Learn the skills and techniques early. Re-read your favorite authors and ask yourself why you liked a particular character or conflict or outcome. Was it something you saw, or heard, or felt? Or was it all three? Find the words, the sentences, and the paragraphs that strike you to the very core, and then determine how that author was able to touch you with the emotions of joy, fear, anticipation, and despair. 
I think it’s a good idea to expose yourself to variations in genres and trends, in addition to developing the basics of good storytelling.  A great book is not one that necessary reflects perfect writing, rather the narrative must capture the heart and soul of the reader. As time and talent progress, your own signature style will emerge—and you’ll find yourself creating worlds that no one has ever thought of . . . yet.
·       Night or day
Daybreak and sunset. Everything in-between . . . not so much
·       Fly or walk
Fly – unless, of course, it’s raining
·       Summer or winter
Winter – crackling fireplace, whisper of snow, full moon . . . anyone else hear that howling?
·       Vampire  or werewolf
       One’s too hairy, one has crazy hours – is there a third choice?
·       Feathers or fur
Feathers . . .  gently caressing my . . . surprise me!
·       Favourite book
Depends on the day, the mood, and the wine.
White – pure, simple, innocent . . . something I wish I were

(  Kat grins )
·       Satin or lace
Satin – smooth, soft, wicked . . .
·       Naughty or nice

Naughty is as naughty does  . . . and I keep working at it, determined to get it right!
(( sounds like my kinda girl ))
Thank you for the great interview today Jaye !!!
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Jaye Frances
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