Friday, August 24, 2012

Lusted In Las Vegas by Sandra Bunino Review & Give away

Welcome to Page Flipperz. Today I have the second book in this series up for review and a wonderful giveaway to go with.  Lusted In Las Vegas by Sandra Bunino. 

Lusted in Las Vegas picks up where Marooned in Miami leaves off while Stephanie and Jason’s sexy tryst continues in Sin City! Their chemistry is undeniable and their lust just may take a turn toward love when they return to each other’s arms. However, all is not perfect in paradise when Jason’s ex comes to town and wants what she believes is rightfully hers.

Jason’s not the only one with something to hide. Stephanie carries a secret of her own. Can she spend a carefree weekend with Jason without risking a broken heart? Or does her feelings for Jason run too deep to simply walk away.

My thoughts !! 

Lusted in Las Vegas picks up where Marooned in Miami leaves off while Stephanie and Jason’s sexy tryst continues in Sin City! I read this straight after Marooned in Miami, I just couldn’t wait!! I think I was as eager as Jason and Steph for the reuniting!! Sin city here I come!!!

Once again the chemistry is just smouldering, but in this read Sandra has thrown in a little suspense to give this story an edge as well.

Miss Jessica, Jason's ex, tries to cause havoc, her mingling and jealously has thrown a spanner in the works, Jason finds himself in hot water and it seems that they all have their secrets to reveal.

This was a short but smoking hot read, once again, I find it hard to believe that Sandra can script so much detail into such a short read, and not leave anything out.

The romance is ** PUT YOUR HEAD IN AN ICE BUCKET ** to cool down - PUT THE FIRE OUT BABY! The chemistry is wafting off the pages, and Jason well ** swoon ** I want one of him all to myself. (Sigh) Jason was even more romantic, sexy, and what not else in this story and Sandra has put forth yet another book boyfriend for us to lust over... ** snickers **

I enjoyed Steph's character , not as forth coming as Jason, but it certainly did bring out the devil in her .. ( grins ) We see a stronger side to her in this book, her strength to help Jason through in his time of need I think was the turning point for her in this story.

Lusted In Las Vegas, contains all the goodies a reader could want in a smexy filled read. Suspense, to have you anticipating that ending ... Romance that will make your toes curl, loving that will have you reaching for that ice bucket, and great characters that I’m sure you will enjoy!

And of course a happily ever after that will have you sheepishly grinning from ear to ear...

Sex that sizzle, romance that sparkles... Grab your copy today !

Do read book one before this .. I feel that you will miss the connection between the couple if you dont !

This book was suppiled to me from the author for my honest review and opinion. 


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