Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bed of the Dead - Louisa Bacio Book review tour

Today I have for you a book  review for Bed of the Dead. This tour is hosted by Sizzling Pr Tours.

Bed of the Dead is a quick erotic read. At only 8 pages long, its fast  wham bam thank you mam -  won ton sex, but way to short.

However in the pages that Louisa scripted, we got a quick insight into the  characters and her writing style. The descriptions were very well put forth, and the read was certainly fast paced . ** waggles eyebrows **

Id love to have see more within the story, its hard to really get a good feel for a story when it's so short. Just when the pace increases we are finished.

 The cover however  - Is sizzling.

Great potentional for a longer story.

I feel a  story this short, leaves room for so much more depth.  I love a good vampire story, but this fell short for me.

RATING 2 / 5