Friday, June 8, 2012

Creating Fate - Rachel Firasek Book Review


She gave away her heart……
Giving her heart to a mortal wasn’t something the First Fate planned. Losing him nearly shattered her soul. Upon his death, Clotho swore never to love—or weave life—again. Hoping she’ll change her mind before it’s too late, Zeus commands the spinner of life to take a much needed vacation from her immortal responsibilities.
He had to hide his…
Dane is close to cracking the drug ring he’s spent the last two years infiltrating, but needs to perform one last heist to meet the head man and prevent an impending war. An undercover agent, he’s now on the run from drug lords, thieves and with the very woman whose tears make him forget his purpose.
Together they’ll find a way back from the dark.
Chloe will have to put her trust in the man she believes may have killed her fiance, or face an eternity on Earth. Without the desire for life, hope could slip through the cracks of time if he doesn’t love away her sorrow.

My thoughts.

Creating fate is book one in the Trilogy of the Unspun series. Eagerly awaiting the email, I devoured this in one sitting. The three books will be a series but all written by different authors, and I must admit that Rachel is one of my all-time favourite authors, grasping at my heartstrings with her last series of the Phoenix’s.

The Fates are a mixture of mythology and romance. Each Fate having their own purpose. In Creating Fate – Clotho – Chloe‘s, gift is to create new life – the bearer of beginnings.

Clotho is sad – she had lost her love, a human whom she loved very deeply and has decided that she will no longer spin fate – or create a new life. Zeus knows something is up and sends Chloe to earth to find her sisters and bring them home. Here she meets Dane – he sees her tears and he finds he is drawn to her. On a whirlwind of events, Dane and Chloe are put on a path of discovery and love. But will they survive the danger lurking around each corner they turn and will the Fates take away her one true chance of love and happiness. ?

Creating Fate was a short story, filled with mystery, mythology and intrigue. I have enjoyed Rachel Firasek's books much so and this one is no different. It had me hooked from the very first pages, her characters all draw you into the story, her vivid descriptions creating that vat that no only sucks you into her world but has you feeling every detail within.

I enjoyed the Characters that Rachel created; Dane was certainly a hotty, dark and mysterious but also had that secret about him throughout the story that kept me intrigued. I enjoyed his softer side and also his protective side towards Chloe. He was a warrior at heart. My heart melted at the kindess he showed her even though she was one stubborn woman lol.

Chloe was hard headed, strong willed yet full of love to give and filled with many little secrets . The romance between Dane and Chloe was magnetic, and alluring. ** waggles eyebrows** not as much heat as Rachel normally puts into her reads, but still very much enjoyable ;)
I enjoyed the paranormal elements within, the storyline ran smoothly and kept my interested piqued to the end.

An ending Im sure all the readers will be happy with, Im eager to read the rest in the series.

Creating Fate gives us Gods, heroes, romance and action. Dynamic characters and a compelling storyline that draws you not only into the world Rachel has created but wandering where Fate will show up next.

I rated this 4/5 

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