Saturday, May 19, 2012

Demons of Granite Rock - Kara Lee Lovell Review & Giveaway !!

I’m Mark Campbell—a ghost without hope...

Barker and his minions have taken over the small town of Granite Rock, Utah and the founder’s are in danger of more than just losing their town.
Emily Stewart, one of the founder’s daughter’s goes undercover trying to destroy the threat that has taken over. But Barker begins to suspect her and closes in.
That’s when J.C., the mystical ghost leader calls me in—however, I’m no ordinary ghost. I’m brave. I’m strong…. But I’m a little crazy and I have my own demons to conquer. I don’t know there are worse things than my voices—demons of the mind.

Even my betrayed past, my inability to trust is nothing compared to what is residing in Granite Rock. These are demons you can slather with jelly and they will still taste foul.
I am about to find there are things… things that go slithery-kerthumpity bump in the night and things that suck your soul dry during the day.
And there is also the girl, Emily, who needs my help. For her I will do anything, stand up to anything, brave anything.
So, again and again I try to defeat the evil Barker but he’s a demon and he seems to be able to best even a ghost. Can I learn to trust? Should I let my own demons take over my mind to save Emily, the founder’s, and the town? And will my demons release me when it’s over?

My thoughts ...

Demons of Granite rock is an intense thriller that will keep you intrigued - a thriller – horror, good vs. evil... A means to and end if you may call it that... Mark is a ghost – his job Granite rock Utah, a small town in the middle of the sticks now overrun by a mentally unstable cult and possessed by the evil that dwells. The innocent citizens are being killed off one by one. We follow Mark’s life as a ghost – his job to fix the community along with the rift that has torn the sisters who founded the small town apart. .

Demons of Granite rock is a great page turner with lots of action and kick arse scenes. A vivid array of things that go bump in the night.  Love and betrayal and the survival within, trust issues and moving on...

Mark is kick arse, brave and strong, but his past may just hold him back - will his past come back to haunt him in more than one way... I enjoyed his character, even has a ghost he had appeal ;)
 The romance between the characters was evident , ;) and at times smokin ..  I must say even in a suspenseful thriller – I love to see a little loving – and Kara gave us that!

Kara has a great debut novel here, for all who enjoy Stephen king = Demons of Granite rock will suit you perfectly.  It will have your gut churning and not only your insides squirming but have you turned upside down and inside out lol ... If you’re not use to reading a thriller of this kind ((like me)) it will certainly make you feel like you have creepy things crawling over you loll.   It will keep you intrigued from the beginning to see where Mark takes us and to see what is taking over Granite rock.  The cover is mysterious alone and this novel well over 450 pages long is worth every cent at only -99 cents via amazon!!

The only reason for my 3-5 star review is that this kind of story is not normally a genre I would read. So Ive given it a 4 .. :) over at amazon and goodreads cause I think its def worth more than 3 !!!!!  I KNOW !! LOL.  It was well put forth and an interesting storyline. It certainly intrigued me enough to read the whole book and enjoy it ! I will be keeping an eye on Kara's works in the near future.

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