Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Last Beginning - Rachel Firasek Book Review

Well its sad to see such a wonderful series come to and end. The Three book series *The Curse of the Phoenix's * was a wonderful series and Rachel Firasek has wrapped up the series wonderfully ! Find the gorgeous cover , blurb and my thoughts...

Though she’s always hated being a phoenix, Sadie has to admit immortality has its advantages. She’s seen and done more in the last 150 years than she’d ever dreamed of, but she can’t get past the fact that Osiris has done nothing but manipulate her and her fellow phoenixes. Or that, when her last incarnation as a phoenix comes to a fiery end, the fire slowly begins to consume her body.

Sun god Osiris is ashamed of his role as ruler of the Underworld, but unless he can figure out how to save Sadie, that’s exactly where she’s going to end up.

Permanently. Terrified he’s going to lose her, he takes her on a hunt for The Book of the Dead, which is the only way he knows he can save her—even if it means she’ll hate him forever.

My thoughts

(( Don't you just love the cover )) Being a cover Love Kinda girl this one is just gorgeous !!

Book three of the Curse of the Phoenix series *The Last Beginning * is a wonderfully delivered story. With characters that will draw you into the pages and a plot that will have you reading from beginning to end , sighing in contentment at a well scripted ending to a fantastic trio.

If you have read the first two books it gives you the storyline of the phoenixes, but I especially enjoyed the fact that Rachel filled us in with this story on how Sadie became a phoenix. I wasn’t sure to be angry and Osiris or feel sorry for him. Loving someone and not wanting to let go - he turned her into a phoenix for his own reasons.

In The Last Beginning we see a love - hate relationship between the pair but in time as Sadie grows weaker and her flame is taking over she sees Osiris for a different man rather than a God whom doomed her to the life of a Phoenix.

The love was passionate and heart-warming, Osiris not being able to give up on Sadie even till her last breathe. Rachel has certainly thrown a curve ball in this story, giving us more than we anticipated and an ending that was certainly not predictable!

A short read filled with the entire goodies one could want, after finishing this story there are no loose ends, no questions just an ending to a well delivered series. Smooth flowing storyline and chapters, well put forth plot and overall a sad tale to see end.

Rachel Firasek delivers what every reader wants, anticipation, mystery, romance and a tale that you will remember after you have turned the last page.


I rated The Last Beginning 5 Hearts as every story in this series will take a small piece of yours ! Its heartfelt, romantic and just leaves you starry eyed and sheepishly grinning ! What every reader wants RIGHT !

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