Monday, January 23, 2012

Calling Home by Zee Monodee Book Review

Today I have *Calling Home ** book one in Zee Mondoee's Destiny's Child series. Check out the gorgus cover and the blurb and my review ! For all those who enjoy a good love story filled with all the goodies then this read is for you !

It's the little things that keep people calling home...

Forensic pathologist Margo Nolan is described by colleagues as a cold, unemotional man hiding inside a woman's body. Clinical and rational, the Ice Queen persona is only a facade to protect herself after she lost the only thing she ever longed for: Emma, the daughter she was raising as her own.

When tragedy strikes Emma's life, Margo is the only one who can step in . . . to become the stand-in parent to the 11-year old! Clueless about children—especially tweens, family life, and anything that should involve her heart, Margo is at a loss.

But she need not worry: sexy and easygoing, and much younger, village doctor Jamie Gillespie is here to help the heart-thawing process.

My thoughts - Review

Calling home is a wonderfully written love story, about hope, trust, love and change and a place to call home.

Zee has created a wonderfully compelling storyline that will suck you in from within the first pages, you will find yourself at the end sighing and sheepishly grinning. The storyline is fluent flowing and will have you reading till the very last pages and wandering where the hours have gone. Im a sucker for a well balanced love story and Calling Home is certainly this.

Margo becomes a parent to Emma a 11 year old Teen she is to be her guardian. Margo never being close to anyone ,yet alone being someone’s mother is unsure how to do so.. She has loved Emma since the day she was born. Loving and caring for her in her younger years - her best friend dies and Emma was left at the cluthces of her grandmother out of spite. Now Emma's grandmother has died and Margo now has a responsibility to more than just herself. Working as a Forensic pathologist Margo tends to spend every waking moment working - her new calling is somewhat of a big change in her life but she wants to be a great mum to Emma and will try her best doing so.

Handling a child let alone a Teenager is one of the hardest things that Margo has ever had to do. Discovering a mothers love, learning to be there and open her heart not only to her daughter but to others Margo's ice queen exterior is just a front.

Sexy Village Doctor Jamie lives next door and in Margo's time of need Jamie seems to be her constant Knight in shining armour. But Margo puts up her cold front, not letting herself get close in fear of not being able to make someone happy. Never once thinking mabye its time to thaw out that icey exterior and let someone in.

The past comes back into Emma's life, causing friction between Margo and Jamie, Jamie feeling that something is wrong with the situation but Margo giving the benefit of the doubt finds herself in deeper than she imagined , she is turning away the ones whom want to love her .

A love story filled with passion and sexual tension, enough Chemistry to blow any chem lab in the near vicinity and wonderfully created characters with definition and depth. Zee has put forth all emotions wonderfully, I can assure you will be sheepishly grinning one minute and maybe even teary eyed the next. Your heart will be racing and your eyes will be a fluttering.. The Sexy doctor is ** swoony **.

Calling home will pull at your heart strings and leave you starry eyed. For all those who love a wonderfully plotted romance with a little sexual tension, passion that’s magnetic and even mystery then this read is for you!


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