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Queen of the Road - Tricia Stringer Book Review

Juggling two jobs, raising her four-year-old daughter alone and drowning in debt, Angela Ranger is struggling to survive. So when Angela's father offers her a job driving trucks in the tiny rural town of Munirilla, she accepts. After all, it's only temporary…

Despite taking to the road with ease, Angela finds moving to Munirilla may not be the godsend it seemed. Her accommodation is dingy, her fellow truckies are less than happy to see a woman on the road, and the locals are reluctant to use her services.

There is one local who's glad to see her, though — fill-in farm manager and loner, Coop, resists his natural tendency to avoid personal connections when he meets the efficient and gorgeous, Angela. But Coop has problems of his own — sheep are going missing, his neighbours are acting strangely and the demons of his past are urging him to move on again.

In Munirilla, both Angela and Coop will face the ultimate test of character. Will they follow reason and leave? Or follow their hearts and build a home in the small town...together.

My review

A wonderfully written story set in the Australian outback, with characters that you will enjoy much so and a storyline that will keep you engrossed till the last page has been turned.

Tricia has vividly put forth a compelling story of love, life, and the struggles to survive as a single mother and a woman who chooses to do what needs to be done to take care of her daughter and live life.

Driving trucks has always been in Angela’s life and blood – and after a turn of events she has decided to help out her father and fill in for him and drive the loads back and forth from Munirilla. 

Even though the men may think it’s not a woman’s job and people will stand in her way to stop her from achieving it, Angela grinds down and never gives up.

 I really enjoyed her character, she was strong willed and determined and let no one stand in her way. She was a true survivor !! The love for her child was evident and every mother can certainly relate to Angela and her turmoil at times.

We see the turmoil within life in Munirilla  for Angela to fit it in, to survive, and be happy and just do a good job for the town and also working to survive .  Here she meets and makes some wonderful friendships, and realizes that this small town has so much to offer her little family.

Queen of the Road is an enjoyable heartfelt story, with the Aussie settings down pact to a tee, wonderfully written characters, and a little romance for those who love romance entwined.

Being an Australian I really appreciated Tricia's detail for the country outback. I found this was well described and easily envisaged for all who read this story, whether or not you are an aussie or not.
It was certainly almost like looking through a looking glass.

All emotions are well put forth throughout the story, moments that will grab at your heart strings and others where you will be sheepishly grinning. The storyline was fluent flowing, with a little suspense, action, romance and heartache thrown in. Coop and Angela’s romance was sweet and gradual – and will leave you feeling content at the ending that Tricia has put forth.

A must read for all those who like a romance set in the country , with a wonderful close nit community woven throughout – friendships, drama and all the goodies within the story that any reader will certainly enjoy .

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Thank you to Harlequin Australia for suppyling me with this book for my honest opinion and review !
This book is currently not yet available but is to be released in December 2012

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