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Interview & Giveaway with Kara Lee Lovell & Giveaway !

Today I have Kara Lee Lovell here on Page flipperz author of Demons of Granite Rock..  Firstly find the cover and blurb for Kara's book and at the end of the interview enter the rafflecopter to find out how you can win one of two e copies. Also Kara has a competition going of her own at the moment at her facebook page. Once her followers hit 100 she is giving away a  $25-00 amazon gift card and also two e copies of her book. SO pop on over to her Facebook page FACEBOOK LINK KARA LEE LOVELL AUTHOR PAGE .and find out how you can enter to win the goodies.

I’m Mark Campbell—a ghost without hope...

Barker and his minions have taken over the small town of Granite Rock, Utah and the founder’s are in danger of more than just losing their town.
Emily Stewart, one of the founder’s daughter’s goes undercover trying to destroy the threat that has taken over. But Barker begins to suspect her and closes in.
That’s when J.C., the mystical ghost leader calls me in—however, I’m no ordinary ghost. I’m brave. I’m strong…. But I’m a little crazy and I have my own demons to conquer. I don’t know there are worse things than my voices—demons of the mind.

Even my betrayed past, my inability to trust is nothing compared to what is residing in Granite Rock. These are demons you can slather with jelly and they will still taste foul.
I am about to find there are things… things that go slithery-kerthumpity bump in the night and things that suck your soul dry during the day.
And there is also the girl, Emily, who needs my help. For her I will do anything, stand up to anything, brave anything.
So, again and again I try to defeat the evil Barker but he’s a demon and he seems to be able to best even a ghost. Can I learn to trust? Should I let my own demons take over my mind to save Emily, the founder’s, and the town? And will my demons release me when it’s over?

A little about Kara .

I  live in Salt Lake City Utah.  I was always taught write what you know and I KNOW Salt Lake—growing up here and all.
I work at a bank full time so I’m writing part time, right now. 
I’m married have three grown children, two sons and a daughter and my granddaughter, who is the light of my life.  She’s always all over my facebook.  Can’t help it.  LOL.  Oh… and a cat named Cirino not after   Cyrano de Bergerac but after some Japanese character.  At least that’s what my boys, who named him, told me. 

1. Have you always wanted to write ?

I’ve wanted to write since the fourth grade.  I was given an assignment in school to write about a dollar bill and its travels and adventures after being printed… clear through to being shredded or its death.  I loved the assignment so much that I began to write everything I could think of and I still have some of those stories today.  Did I mention I’m a pack rat?  At least I am when it has to do with my writing.  I still have the copies of my first published works and the Expressions Magazine I was in and worked on in high school.  

In High School I took creative writing after some pressure from English teachers and friends, it didn’t take much.  I had some poetry published in the Deseret News, one of the newspapers here and won an award for my writing—the Quill and Scroll award and a scholarship.  I figured I was on my way. 
When I got married and had kids—rambunctious is a nice way of putting it—I still wrote but didn’t pursue my dream as I should have.  I was struggling to make ends meet and working two and three jobs to do it.  Now I’m back on track.      

2. Your inspiration to write Demons of Granite rock.
Oh, boy.  That’s a tough one.  It actually started out as a short story about two women feuding over a fence.  Pretty boring.  It changed one day while I stared at our own broken down wooden fence.  It needed repair so badly.  It began to change in my mind and each time I wrote a new emotions came bubbling up until… Mark Campbell and his internal voices appeared.  He had such a sad childhood and past in my mind that he needed a counterpart to put him back together and there… was Emily.  I hope that answers your question.  The creative process for me is hard to describe sometimes.
A lot of it is very personal too.  A life I can understand.
3. How long did it take you to write?

Well it was a short story first but I would have to say… Seriously about 5 years in between other projects. 

 4. Do you have a muse? 

Well I don’t have a Greek God or a little fairy…  But I’d have to say my husband not because he gives me ideas but he challenges me, kicks my self-doubt in the butt, and helps me get back on track when I’m lagging or going through writer’s block.
 5. Fab beverage whilst writing.
I’d have to say…  Any kind of cheap hard liquor in a plastic bottle.  LOL  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t be able to write.  No, I’m a pespi freak!

6. Do you like to listen to music whilst writing if so do u have a play list
I listened to the snoring chainsaw convention by my husband a lot. 
I do love and will listen to music loud music…  Have to.. need to drown out the snoring…  LOL
I will listen to different bands at different times.  While writing DOGR  I listened to Linkin Park…love Points of Authority,  3 Doors Down (Had to take out a song Changes from my book because I couldn’t get the rights to print the words but it describes the early Mark to a tee.) R.E.M.—losing my religion actually really fits Mark too.  And I was listening to The Beatles, fits the huge beetles and gianormous hairy spiders, which nearly devoured Mark.

7.  Any works currenly in writing ?
But first up is Demon Hunter, Demon Prey book one in the Akuma Series.  (Where as Demons of Granite Rock is more a horror/romance.  Demon Hunter, Demon Prey is more a paranormal romance, heavy on the romance)

Ethan has become Other, part human and part demon, after being attacked by a demon over 100 years ago. 
     Ethan hates what he’s become.  So he begins hunting demons.  But even though he kills he doesn’t consider this murder after what those demons did to him—what they do to humans.  He’s dangerous to all demons, all clans, and all classes.  He’s not picky about which demons he kills.  If they are demons, they are evil.  Yet, he refuses to totally lose his humanity.  And now human women are turning up dead.  Ethan knows with a certainty that a demon is responsible.

     Why Ethan isn’t dead no one knows and if Beth has anything to say about it he will be.
     Beth is a demon and a slave.  She wants nothing more than to become normal, to be looked on as normal by her kind.  If she makes her first kill a tattoo of a ragged heart will appear on her left hip and she will have earned the respect and freedom she craves.  But is that all she is?  Is she truly what she seems?  Does she have the unfeeling, detached emotions of other demons, like her uncle, the clan leader?  Because the problem for Beth becomes… can she kill someone she’s fallen in love with?
Second up will probably be:  The sequel to Demons of Granite Rock; titled Return to Granite Rock.  This is a horror about Mark’s children and a demon, of course…
A demon escaped Mark and Emily years ago and now he’s back.  Return to Granite Rock is about the continuation of Mark and Emily’s love story.  It’s about several types of love, lover for lover, parent for child, sister for brother—It’s love, betrayal, trust, and how love and the heart can survive anything. 
Shades of Gray is written and in the editing stage.  (It’s a very popular title right now.  But I’ve been writing it for 15 years.)  It is over 1,000 manuscript pages and it’s a Futuristic Romance.  Hollywood takes over the government and things run amuck. 
Movie stars are revered and their word is law.  The U.S.A. is run by Karisha Black who believes in only 100,000 harvest/seekers to run the world… to start over.  Though to  start over she must kill millions of people—no problem.
Toby, an Indian of the old ways can disappear on a whim. Haley, a dancer, doesn’t see the need.  However Haley is drug along with her husband as he escapes into the mountains of Salt Lake City Utah.  Toby only wants to protect his young son, who has special gifts and talents.  But they are hunted by Karisha and her watch dog, Davidson.
Davidson, fancies himself in love with the beautiful dancer.  He wants her and he wants Toby in the chair of a machine he’s designed.  It’s a machine that can make it possible to live through another’s memories, in the meantime causing the person to go insane.  Davidson lives through others because he’s lost so much.  He’s obsessed.  Addicted.  And he just needs that one strong willed, strong bodied subject...  That one person who the machine can’t break.  He needs Toby.
Here’s the Prologue:

Haley waits for his return.  He will return and it will begin.  She stands, pacing the room anxious to have it begin… and end.  She will never give up Jake.  But the Machine takes what it wants. It devours who it will and she might not have that choice.  She might not even remember it.
     She makes a clean sweep of the room a circle of the bed which has controlled the room and their time together.  She shivers at the lengths she’s gone to already to  protect her son.  But he is more important than her, Toby, Davidson or the crazy world this has become. He’s the only one who can save them from the insanity of Karisha.
     She thinks of Toby and longs for him.  Not what he’s become but the strength he’s always been, before he was beaten by the Machine—Davidson’s Machine.  He’d been the one dragging her along a course she’d fought against, and now fights for.
     She takes a sharp breath as she hears the key in the lock.  He has returned…

I’m expecting these three to be done and published this year, keeping my fingers crossed.
I also have one more in the editing stage called ‘Dark Whispers’, a paranormal fantasy romance, and I have the sequel to Shades of Gray that has a HUGE surprise in it.  

8. Your future aspirations.

I’m not quite sure.  I have a lot on my plate right now but I would say continue with my next in The Akuma Series…  I plan on continuing what I’ve started or in other words, I want to write until my fingers drop off.

Some fun questions.

Day or night – Definitely night.  I’m a night owl and I will still be up at 1:00 or 2:00 either writing or reading even though I have to be at my full time job at 7:00 a.m.  Damn having to work!  I don’t consider writing work since I enjoy it so much. 

Cold or hot-  Hot. only I would spell it HAWT.  I like my men brawny, with some emotional scars to heal, dark haired and hawt, hawt, hawt!
Vampire or ghost – Vampire the whole drinking blood goes back to the cold or hot thing.  It’s HAWT!
Tea or coffee In my books I would say coffee.  But I don’t drink either one.  I’m a Pepsi girl all the way.

Fab flavoured ice cream – Ben and Jerry’s Carmel Sutra.  Love it!  But I think it has to do with the word sutra.  The chocolate and carmel doesn’t hurt either.
Fab author – There are so many that’s a hard question.  But all time favorite I’d have to say Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I actually was able to meet her at a book signing and she is just adorable and very sweet.  I love her worlds and my favorite book of hers would have to be Acheron.  I also love:  Laura Wright, Ednah Walter’s (love the Fitzgerald series), JR Ward, Kresley Cole, Sydney Croft, Lora Leigh, Stephanie Rowe, Larissa Ione, Lori Handeland (first paranormal romance I ever read).  
Story -  YA A Wrinkle in Time and a book called Mrs. Mike.  There you have your fantasy or the first makings of paranormal and your romance.  It’s what I started with when I was younger.
Favourite  Song -  There are so many.  I would have to answer by bands.  Older music would have to be Beatles.  (That dates me LOL)  R.E.M, Hinder, Hot Chille Rae, Yellow Card (I’ve met them too.  Sean is to die for… those dimples, aha…) and many, many more.   
Vacum or broom ** snickers **  I really like vacuums but I would have to say broom, large brooms.  **snickers back**

Fab colour  - Rose or peach

What do you like to do in your spare time..  Read, go to concerts, and spending time with my family.

Anything you would like us t know about you?  I juggle demons in my spare time…?  What spare time?  I flip them with my tongue, while I write, and listen to music with my headphones in.  

 Big thanks to Kara for stopping by today ;) Enter below to win one of two copies of Demons of Granite rock.


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