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Ednah Walters - Writing Dangerous Love Tour Wrap up and Winners !

Id like to thank all the bloggers who have particpated in the Dangerous Love Book Tour !! Ednah has written a wrap up on Writing Dangerous Love.


Writing a series needs a blueprint, which means you always keep in mind or keep a file on all the characters in book #1, what they do, their backgrounds and quirks even though you won’t write their stories until much later.  Some writers tend to add characters as they go. And yes, I plan to add more Fitzgeralds as long as readers love reading about them, but I made sure that is possible when I mentioned that Grampa Fitzgerald had many children and I even introduced readers to some uncles—the cop, the lawyer, the one from Texas (who is in oil drilling) and Montana (ranchers) and of course, the aunts. But the background info must tie neatly as you write later books.

(See the partial Family Tree on my Webpage:

Dangerous Love is book #4 of the Fitzgerald Family series, yet I had Faith Fitzgerald and Ken Lambert in the back of my mind when I wrote Slow Burn (book #1 in the series/Ron Noble and Ashley Fitzgerald’s story). Ken was Ron’s best friend and the private detective/security consultant who helped him find the arsonist terrorizing Ashley. During one of their conversations, Ron teases Ken about his mother and sister running his love-life and his grandmother bringing him a wife from the old country. It is only one scene, but as I wrote Dangerous Love, I had to remember this and make his background gel with this earlier conversation. Ken is part Japanese and his grandmother is a tiger mom. I absolutely enjoyed meeting his family and writing its background.

We also met Faith several times in Slow Burn. At one time she is in the fitting room taking measurements while talking to Ashley on the phone. So I knew what she did for a living—designing clothes. In Mine until Dawn, we learn that Faith spent her teen years with her cousins, not her parents. Since Mine until Dawn is Jade’s story, I didn’t have to explain why Faith lived with Jade’s family. I left that door open for her background, which becomes clearer as you read Dangerous Love. The bottom line is, when I sat down to write Dangerous Love, which is book #4 in the series, I pretty much knew about Faith and Ken’s backgrounds and couldn’t change a thing.

So when I start writing Chase’s story, Lex, Eddie, the Montana cousins, the Texas cousins and so on, the blueprint will already be there. All I have to do is hope the love of their lives talks to me. Right now, the woman meant to tame Eddie is speaking to me from places I didn’t think I’d revisit. Goes to prove how unpredictable characters can be, even one with a mapped out future.

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