Sunday, February 12, 2012

Manday blog hop

Welcome again to another Manday blog hop !!!! Thanks to Felicity Heaton for hosting yet again !!! Check out my hotties this week !!!! Ive been inspired by Felicity's new character and have found a few that may just rattle your chains !! lol.. and others just to make you hot !

This I Imagine to be Snow with Longer hair !! hmmm Physically hmmmmmmmmm

Maybe not so dark but hey !! he is in Chains !!!

Bady boy !!!! who doesnt like a bad boy huh ???

Ok So I might just get a bit carried away but If I got my little mittens on Snow !!! he would be chained for my pleasure ** grins **

If you have liked the hotties today feel free to pop on over to the other blog for some more hotness !!!


Felicity Heaton said...

You are a wicked girl... that last one... oh, I'm sure Snow might just like that. He's been chained enough in his life to have grown used to it I'm sure... *purr*

Elena said...

Gwad! I totally understand wanting a man tied up in chains.That's soooo Hot!

Marie said...

wow!! Very Nice... I love a man in chains, got a few of mine own over at the blog. #3 is beyond me... *growls*

Talina Perkins said...

PURRRR....please send me some Snow! That second one is simply divine!

Pimpin' Reads said...

love it. wow. check out the guys on my page. yum