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Ever shade - Alexia Purdy * A Dark Fairie Tale 1 **

Alexia Purdy has branched out and got herself a new publisher !! New cover and new book names !!! I must say the cover doesn't affect my enjoyment of the first book but I have to say I do love the new cover !!!  Just gorgeous !!!!  Find as follows the hot new spiffed up cover for Ever Shade and my book review !!! 

Just to add before my review Alexia is one of those authors whom always finds time for her fans. Loves to interact, just ask how your day has been or make a comment on  a post over at face book !! She is very friendly and rest assured if you have any questions about her books or just want a chat she is always eager !! I really love that about this author she is more than just interested in your review - she interacts with her fans as well !

 A dark twist on Faeries. For Shade, a chance meeting with a powerful Teleen faery warrior who wields electrical currents and blue fires along his skin- has her , joining him on a treacherous mission for the good Seelie Faerie Court across the land of Faerie. Magic and malice abound and nothing is what it really seems to be.

The evil Unseelie Queen and her treacherous allies are round every corner as Shade makes her way across the breathtaking landscapes of the world of Faerie, which exists alongside the mundane human world. Shade discovers her own uncharted magic and meets some of the most powerful warriors in Faerie while battling evil dryads, conniving Teleen guards and challenges on her life with every step in a world where nothing can be taken for granted.

My thoughts !!

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I'm not normally one to read books on Faeries but I must say this one had me intrigued from page one till the end. Its filled with mystery, action and magic and a compelling storyline that I read in one sitting.

Steady paced storyline, with a great cast of supporting characters, chapters that flowed smoothly and an intriguing plot. I enjoyed the determination of the main characters, her life was not as it seemed. She always thought she was different and upon meeting Jack her life was thrown into a world she never thought existed.

Shade always new something was different - the voices within, had no real meaning until she met Jack. Upon Jack discovering Shade and her hearing voices, he takes her back to his world where Shade is told she is the key to saving his land. Here Shade discovers she is Part Fae - but Shade is in denial.

Feeling somewhat pressured yet compelled to help, Shade embarks on a trip to the fountain to obtain the liquid that will save this land of Fae and stop the wars within.

Twists and turns are thrown at Shade and along her travels, she is introduced to many - some evil, some good, she learns to embrace what she has within. Shade discovers her blood lines,and along the way she also discovers how to use the magic within.

This is just the beginning of an intriguing series, I alone rated it on Alexia's compelling storyline. As I have not read many books on Faeries I really enjoyed it. The addition of the Teleen line was certainly a treat and the fact that Shade was immune to it even more os.. Interim blue is filled with action, adventure, mystery, magic and mayhem and I'm sure for all the readers out there who enjoy Faeries then this is for you..

I eagerly await book 2 to see where Shade and Dylans relationship goes, I'm hoping that we see a little more depth into the characters, and the connection between the worlds = will Shade return home to normal teenage life ?

I rated this 4/5 - with likeable characters, intriguing storyline and fluent flowing dialogue Alexia will not only draw you into her world but into the pages with her characters !!

You can find Alexia Purdy over at facebook Ever shade fan page

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