Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter Book Review

Twice fate has brought Derrick Sloane and Annie Maddock together in the same place, but will fate now be the one to tear them apart.

From the moment Derrick Sloane and Annie Maddock met there was an instant connection. They date for five months, growing closer every day.

Only Derrick wakes up to discover the entire five month relationship was nothing more than a dream. Or was it? For when he goes to the coffee shop who should be there but Annie, just as in his dream. Derrick soon realizes he was seeing a relationship with Annie five months into the future. That night the dream continues right where it left off, five months in the future, but his meeting with Annie that day has altered the timeline. Every day he spends with Annie, he continues to alter the timeline of his future. Although Derrick tries desperately to put everything back to the way it was in his dream, every attempt just makes it worse.

And when he is shown two alternate time lines, he must now make the most difficult decision of his life.

My review.

Lauren Hunter has certainly had a big job with this book. She has cleverly woven dreams, within dreams, within reality and a aspects of Time travel if you may call it throughout this story. Read the blurb to find out more about the storyline.

I must say initially at first I thought ohhhh what a sweet love story, - Derrick was such a sweetheart, a gentleman, funny, witty and will make you giggle and I still do..Annie being a very cautious yet sensitive type. Two very different people crossings paths. A love that can be altered by decisions ... Derrick finds out along the way .

  I'm reading along enjoying the momentum and then a curve ball is thrown in.. I must say I got a tad confused, had slight whiplash in some spots but then I realized that Derek was having dreams of his , future, reality and more dreams within dreams. It all became clear !! lol.

As things altered with Derek's life and his dreams, his situation became worse not better, and saying this Derrick learnt that the future he wanted will not necessarily go the way he wants as he alters it along the way. I found this concept very clever on Lauren Hunters part. I found the story filled with alot of questions and at times alot of conversation blending within the story .

This is one of those books where you need to  absorb everything - a kind of puzzle you work out along the way until Lauren has thrown in twists and turns and makes the story very unpredictable.

Likable characters with heart and soul, I found the characters very realistic and well is love and life ever easy !!

The romance was sweet, high school type, Derrick was funny and I'm sure that you will find yourself giggling along with his witty comments and often finds himself with his foot in his mouth on many occasions.

An ending you wont see coming . Unpredictable, clever, love and humour all put together in an intriguing story.

Enjoy life on the path it takes you, even though we may want to change things , alterations can have that boomerang effect. Love while you can, enjoy life to the fullest because one day you may just release it was all just a dream ;)

3 /5

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