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Chill Run - Russell Brooks Book Review & Giveaway !

Id  like to welcome you all here today I have Russell Brooks Latest story Chill Run up for review !! I must say  for all those who are after a suspenseful thriller filled with oodles of goodies then this read is for you !! Keep reading till the end to find out how you to can get your own copy of ** Chill Run **.

Here is some info on Russell and his cover, blurb and book review !! Enjoy !

Who’s Russell?

Russell Brooks is the author of Pandora's Succession, Unsavory Delicacies, and the upcoming mystery/thriller Chill Run. He considers himself fortunate to have been selected to the Canadian Track Team in the 100 metre and 200 metre sprint events and have his degree in Biology from Indiana University. When he’s not busy writing, Russell’s blogging about injustice with his Op-Ed style essays or reciting poems or novel excerpts on YouTube.

As for his books, Russell has been compared to a young Robert Ludlum. His books have also attracted fans of New York Times bestselling author Barry Eisler.

You know a publicity stunt has backfired when someone dies.
Starving author Eddie Barrow, Jr., will do anything to get a book deal with a NYC publisher. Even if it means getting caught by the media while engaging in S&M with a female celebrity as a publicity stunt. What Eddie gets instead are details of a billion dollar fraud scheme from a suicidal client who's fatally shot minutes later. Now on the run from the law and the killers, Eddie seeks help from two unlikely friends—an alcoholic and a dominatrix.
With few resources, Eddie races to clear his name, unveil the fraud scheme, and expose the killers before he becomes their next victim.

My thoughts !!

Russell Brooks have woven mystery, suspense, murder, betrayal and even loyalty throughout his story Chill Run.

An enjoyable suspenseful thriller that will take you on Roller coaster ride with Eddie, Corey and Jordyn. After the threesome plan to expose the female Ceo to gain stardom hoping to snag a book deal, Eddie finds himself being accused of murder, with friends at tow. Eddie and his friends are Running for their lives.

Eddie has a knack for unleashing mystery, along the way he makes discoveries no normal person would, I think with having his writer skills in place he easily sees things that a normal person would not. This helps him to uncover certain aspects throughout this murder and helps to expose the entire plan.  But at what cost ??

I really enjoyed the character development. Close nit friendships that are bound and loyalty hard to find. The characters easily likable and funny and other moments friendship shone  through ! 

A smooth flowing storyline, filled with all the goodies one could want in suspenseful thriller. Moments that will send Chills down your spine and others where you grasping at your reader in hope that Eddie survives the ordeal to become the successful writer that originally got him into this mess.

Chapters run smoothly from one till the next, curve balls thrown in and twists and turns you certainly won’t see coming! Russell has created a thriller that will certainly keep you guessing the entire read, from beginning to end and even have you left wanting more. Think Roller coaster ride - Chill Run is certainly that !

An ending a reader loves to see, but an overall storyline that has filled every query, question or aspect of a read.

Recommended to all who enjoy action, adventure, murder, mystery and suspense and even a little added extra for a laugh.

** Russell created scenes where you could easily envisage - aka poor Eddie in his attire!! That would’ve been a site for sore eyes lol! But definitely was put forth well. Male Dominitrix was just not for Eddie ! ** grins **

Short read at only 200 pages but a story to add to your reader for a quick afternoon filled with suspense.

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