Saturday, November 26, 2011

Demon Slave - Danielle D Smith - 18 + Book review !

Today I have Danielle 's latest release Demon Slave !! A definete treat for all those who enjoy a read filled with BDSM and norty sexual excapades !! Here is the cover ** Dani designed it herself - Darn smokin !! ** and blurb and my review !!

Rose, Nephil daughter of a Warrior of Heaven, has betrayed her celestial heritage by falling for the guy from the wrong side of the tracks: Skriker, tattooed half-demon hunter, and the most irresistible chunk of hard meat that she has ever taken to her bed.

Rose knows that there is no love in all of Creation more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon, and that knowledge has left her terribly fragmented, despite her passionate love for her Halfling bad boy.

As Skriker's "Dirty 30" approaches, she will offer him the ultimate birthday gift: she will be his devoted sexual slave for three days and three nights, laying aside her angelic pride to fully commit to his pleasure (and hers) with every part of her being...and neither Heaven nor Hell will have any power to stop it.

**Publisher's Warning: This sordid tale contains graphic BDSM sex, including forceful oral and anal sex, bondage, blindfolding, slapping/spanking, nipple clamps, verbal obloquy, hot wax, and crazy hardcore sex in a church.**

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Demons Slave will take you into a world like no other. Demon Skriker and Nephill Rose come together to celebrate Skrikers Dirty 30th and Rose decides to give herself completely to him - To be his play bunny - sex slave - booty waking and submissive slave, Rose is in for the Ride of a lifetime.

Well Knowing that Rose is the superior being if you may call it and the stronger one, Rose is willing to give herself to Skriker in more ways than one ** waggles eyebrows **. Be his submissive slave - let him do things no other man has ventured into and takes Rose to heights of pleasure where I’m sure she was almost ready to spontaneously combust!! Yes it’s hot, raunchy, painful and pleasurable!! Three days and three nights of loving - smoochin - hot romping sex and body bumping. !! Three nights and days she will never forget !

Some of the scenes in this story may not tickle your fancy - the pain inflicted ones - but keep in mind each to their own and this is all by Rose's choice!! This angel wants her slice of Demon boy!!

Rose puts aside her angel heritage and succumbs to the Devil inside ** inserts song here **...

In Demon Slave Danielle introduces BDSM - and this being Pleasure & Pain, cuffs, nipple clamps and oodles or more goodies Rose could never have imagined. ! BDSM is somewhat a hidden lifestyle to some and is not for everyone so be warned that Dani has introduced us in more ways than you can imagine. ** Wink **

Pain brought upon for some can give pleasure, and keep in mind that throughout this read it’s all consensual and Rose not only gets her panties ripped clean off but gets taken on a ride of a lifetime. Even though certain scenes it may come across forceful this is what Rose wants !!! and Skriker is the one to gift it....

Smoking hot sex scenes are filled throughout this read, and Danielle has outlined her story well, put forth strong emotions between both characters, and set forth her Demon Slave. Rose has stepped aside, given herself to Skriker he is her Master - Demon Bad boy, camel smokin , hornbag !! I’m sure the pages on your reader will be wafting with steam, reading about this pairs sexcapade !! Your panties will be bunching and you will feel every slap, the blood surfacing after the clamps are removed, the hot wax,  and Rose in her height of ecstasy!! As far as the rest - Ill let you imagnition take over lol !! 

 Yes Dani has portrayed all emotions that will leave you with baited breathe lol !!

However even though Rose has given Skriker her biggest sacrifice she still dwells on marriage. Skriker wants forever and Rose is still holding back!! I’m sure Dani has more in store for us .. But if you’re after something short, hot, tantalizing, sinful and norty then this read is for you!!

I didnt go much into the story read the Blurb and try this sinful sexy read all for yourself !!