Friday, November 18, 2011

Author Interview - Beth Sorensen & Giveaway

Id like to welcome Beth Sorensen to Page Flipperz today to give us a little insight into herself and her latest and other releases.

1. Beth where do you currenlty live ?

I currenlty live in Newak, Delaware USA , with my huband of 14 years and my three children aged 20, 17. and 7. ( Yeah Im crazy I know )

2. How long have you been writing and have you always wanted to write ?

I didnt really start writing until April 2009. Im not sure I had always wanted to be a writer but now I cant imagine not being one.

3. Your inspiration to write this story and how long did it take . ?

When I finished writing my first novel, Crush at Thomas Hall, I thought I was done. However, my characters didn’t. They still had more to tell me and boy do these imaginary people like to talk! Surprisingly enough, Divorcing a Dead Man took longer to write than Crush at Thomas Hall. Start to finish, about 16 months.


When Cassandra Martin buried her abusive husband, sold her home, and set off to see the world she didn't plan on meeting sexy biotech CEO, Edward Baker on a flight from Seattle to Chicago. But when her travels later take her to a small winery on the northern neck of Virginia, Cassandra discovers that it's owned by Edward's family and he's been trying to find her. After a fairy tale weekend, surrounded by friends and family, the two finally get to share a romantic evening alone. However, it becomes part of the never-ending, tragic chaos that seems to plague Cassandra's life and ends with a dead body and Cassandra in the hospital. In the aftermath, Edward and Cassandra embark on a journey that requires learning to love, navigating Cassandra's turbulent past, dealing with the paparazzi, and finding out who embezzled a million dollars from the winery. However, despite all their efforts, the killer is still lurking in the shadows waiting to strike again.

4. Do you have a Muse ?

Not really but occassionally Ill see a person or read an article that I may find Inspiring.

5. Have you based your characters on anyone that you know ?

The only character based on a real person is Vivian Baker. Evelyn Rice is my grandmother’s best friend and was the inspiration for the Thomas Hall series matriarch.

6. When will book three be due out or when would you like to have it completed by ?

I am hoping to have a third book out sometime in 2013. I’m just not sure which of the two books I’ll finish first!

7. Give me some insight into your writing anything you may think the reader may be interested why this kind of story!

I grew up reading Agatha Christie, but I always wished they were a little romantic. So that’s what I write!

8. Do you like to listen to music when you write and whats your favourite writing spot ?

We have a recliner in the family room where the lap top sits, at the perfect angel for writing. I do most of my rought drafts sitting there.

However, my new favourite spot to write is the La Cote Restaurant at the FOuntainebleau Resort in Miami Beach. ( My Hubby and I just spent a week there. ) As for music, my writing playlist had everything on it from Jay-Z to the Zombies. I listen to alot of different music, not only when I write but all day long. My college-aged son introduced me to pirate metal not long ago. Very cool doing housework, not so much for writing.

Describe yourself in five words........

Crazy mum with five kids. ( you know five words isnt much to work with even my minor characters get more descriptions. )

What are you currenlty working on.. your WIP.
A stand alone entitled Love & Death at the Oyster Bar and Taking Inventory - The third Novel in the Thomas Hall Series.

Some fun questions.

Red or Green grapes. - Red the green are too sour.


Night or day - Night I write best then.

Favourite Hotty actor - Alex is my fav but any true blood hotty I like.

Tea, Coffee Coke - I like iced tea, I grew up in Virginia and Sweet Iced Tea was the southern thing.

Favourite movie - I was watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor today. I love the feel of the movie, pre-1970’s epic film era. There are a lot of movies I love, but I’ll go with that one.

Fav book - And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Possibly the best murder mystery ever written.

Fav Tv show - True Blood & Project Runway.

The second book in The Thomas Hall series is now available here Amazon buy link

Blurb .

Cassandra Martin’s life is bordering on perfection. She has settled down in the northern neck of Virginia and has an amazing job running a winery. In addition, she plans to marry the man of her dreams, sexy billionaire Edward Baker.
However, in Cassandra’s world, perfection usually means the earth is about to drop out from under her and this time is no exception. What starts as a series of prank calls, soon reveals her abusive, late husband, Tony Martin, is very much alive and looking for her, three weeks before she plans to remarry. Now she must do the unthinkable as a devout Catholic, divorce Tony.
When secrets alienate her from her fiancĂ©, Cassandra begins to question the advances of a man that wants more than her friendship. And when she wakes up after having been drugged and kidnapped, Cassandra begins to wonder if she’ll live long enough to decide whether or not she wants to walk down the aisle.

Beth can be found over at her website HERE

Now giveway time...... Beth is giving one signed copy of her First book * Crush at Thomas Hall* to one lucky reader, must be a follower of my blog and answer this simple question -

What is your poison of choice - Red or white wine - Or maybe something else ..

Winner will be drawn in one week by Random .org and comp runs for one week.

Feel free to check out my book review for Beth's First book in the series *CRUSH AT THOMAS HALL * HERE