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Heart Of Darkness by Felicity Heaton Review

Ok... so now I have my new favourite character  !! Hotty !!!

Id like to introduce Aleksandr in Heart Of Darkness !! lol.. here is my review and why I loved this story !!


A vampire prince on a four hundred year old mission to avenge his murdered sister...

Aleksandr Nemov won't stop until the last of the vampire hunter’s progeny is wiped from the Earth. Each kill has stolen a piece of his humanity, pushing him towards the black abyss all vampires hold within their hearts. Now he is teetering on the edge, close to devolving into a beast, and time is running out as he tracks the last hunter to Prague. There he finds a beautiful woman who could be his one chance for salvation, but is it already too late for him?

A vampire guard who will do whatever it takes to protect those she loves...

Elise is dedicated to her duty. It's the only thing she has left. All that changes when she meets Aleksandr in Prague and her master grants him permission to stay at her bloodline's mansion. She knows all about Aleksandr but none of it prepares her for how she feels when the legendary prince's hunt becomes one for her heart. Elise battles him with all of her strength but can she stop herself from falling for the handsome hunter? When he reveals the depth of the corruption in his soul, will she have the strength to face the pain in her past and do whatever it takes to save him?



Heart of Darkness will take you on a roller coaster ride - your heart will be sagging one moment, and uplifting the next. Your pulse will be elevating at certain times, and sky rocketing at others ! It filled to the brim with everything you could want in paranormal romance and with over 400 pages of wafting goodness its a must read to add to your shelf or reader !!!!!!!!!!

It filled with darkness, light, kick arse action scenes, passion and lust! And also Vengeance fueled by death. Blood and gore like no other of Felicitys books but also great elements of love throughout.

In Heart of Darkness we meet Aleksandr; he is a Vampire Prince on a 200 year old mission: vendetta to avenge the death of his sister’s murder. He travels and hunts or we may say - slaughters the hunters in a morbid but dark way. The murders take place this is where his inner beast surface! The way in which he kills brings out the darkness within him and in time - if he should continue he may just loose himself to the darkness knawing inside.

Aleksandr stumbles upon Elsie she is a bloodlines guard, it is her life and is all she has left. Upon meeting Aleksandr there is smoking chemistry, but being the prince Elsie tries to stay clear. ALeksandr being persistent as he is woos and advances upon Elsie letting his intentions clear, but will Elsie give in to her temptations. There is a side of him she is unsure about but can also see a side that she falls for.

Well where do we start!!!!!

Felicity has done it again!!! A fantastic addition to her collection - Heart of Darkness is definably a great title once you read it; it depicts all that is inside. The cover once again ! Cover love !!

Felicity has woven her magic throughout this read, emotions once again like fluent poetry. Smooth flowing and well placed and easily felt. I love it when you can read a book and you know how the characters are feeling and you can feel it along with them. Descriptions are clear, cut precise and perfect!! Felicity is the queen of hearts - every detail whatever it may be is always well described, detailed and placed. Wow!! I loved this book; it was my favorite of them all!!
It didn’t help that I fell in love with Aleksandr's dark side and also his softer side. He was a tortured soul who just needed a little love to steer him from the darkness to the light and Elsie was the woman to do this.

She was kick arse I so loved her character, she had balls, grunt and was a true warrior. But also allowed herself to feel and be that woman underneath her tough exterior. !! She was one hot lady!!

The chemistry between the two main characters was electric!! Hot smoking love scenes ** waggles eyebrows ** that I’m sure will send your reader in a frenzy just flying through the pages. The love was passionate and at times a little rough but this was Alekandr fighting that darkness within!!! (( who doesnt like a little bit of rough stuff every now and then - wink wink _ ))

A well thought out storyline, that will pique your interest from page one till the very end. Fluent flowing chapters, story, crisp dialogue and even the secondary characters likeable and other easily hated!! The evil that was put forth was well depicted and all secondary characters blending well throughout the story.

Heart of Darkness contains kick arse action scenes, suspense, romance, thrills and at every corner something new became about. A whirlwind that will spin you out, and have you also gripping at your seat. Heartfelt moments to tug at your heart and jaw dropping moments where you want to jump in the book and sock some arse or join in the fight !

Overall, Heart of Darkness
Is a spine-chilling paranormal performance thrown into a whirlwind of characters and dangerous action that doesn't let up until the very end!!  A plot well thought out, details easily envisaged and romance that would cause any volcanoes to burst its walls!! Yeah its hot !

Ive told you why I loved it !   Teased you a little  now you  must read it to find out !! You wont be dissapointed ..


Heart of Darkness can be brought here Amazon link 

Felicity can be found at her blog Here