Thursday, October 20, 2011

Secret Santa - Kristine Cheney

Oh my !!! I brought this book today and had to share it and tell everyone how much I loved it !!! Here is the cover ! hot or what ! The blurb and my thoughts !

Have the tissues ready for this one !!

Secret Santa

Ebook By Kristine Cheney
$1.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Oct. 19, 2011
Category: Fiction » Literature » Romance - Short Stories
Category: Fiction » Literature » Romance - Contemporary
Words: 29550 (approximate)

Holly Gordons estrangement from her family makes loneliness of the Christmas season hit close to home. Volunteering for the annual Ashton Falls Secret Santa Program is more than a comfort,  a blessing. Just knowing she;s able to help another hurting soul experience the joy of a heartfelt Christmas makes her own reality a tiny bit sweeter, that is, until Marcus Jenner ends up on her list.

Marcus Jenner is more than a bronze, muscled looker. This Chickasaw loner isn;t happy being placed on the town;s Secret Santa list. Suffering from the blow of a devastating loss, he has chosen to withdraw from living almost completely. For the life of him, he can;t figure why this pretty little blonde keeps bumping into him, calling him by name, and insisting on giving him presents. Unfortunately for Marcus, every time she does, a billowing cloud of havoc seems to ensue. Why can;t this uninvited vixen leave him alone?

They say time and fate have all of the answers. Holly, in all of her innocence, is drawn to Marcus like a moth to the flame. But Marcus has no intentions of submitting to the threat of his newfound feelings. A painful exchange pushes their lives into a pendulum chaos. His demand for privacy is granted by Holly;s hidden illness. Her sudden absence hits him hard, especially when the arrival of a stranger delivers the rest of his gifts. Right away, he knows something;s horribly wrong.

Love and selfless giving can rouse a wounded, sleeping heart. But sometimes a Secret Santa gets a few unexpected gifts of her own..


<>  My Thoughts :) <><> 

Have the tissues ready for this one !! Kristine Cheney has tugged at every heart string possible in this read. Its filled with passion and a love story that will not only have you bawling your eyes out but your heart doing somersaults one moments and other moments feel like it was going to leave your chest.

  Lots of giggles to ;)

Secret Santa is a well delivered intense and emotional read, that will not only tug at your soul but have your heart missing a few beats. The passion between Marcus and Holly was beautifully crafted, passionate and ** swoony..** waggles eyebrows !!

The storyline was amazing, I was drawn in from the very first pages, and found myself, giggling at the funny antics aka Holly's persistence was amusing and quiet funny at times. Other moments I was wiping the tears away, trying to solider on. A fluent flowing storyline that will only stop you reading to wipe aside the tears - I can guarantee you will read right till the end.

A wonderful array of characters that I'm sure you will enjoy, a heartfelt storyline with emotions that are so well portrayed its like poetry. Kristine always portrays her characters emotions so fluently ..... giving us depth into there thoughts and actions and feelings. Her descriptions are well envisaged you can see every detail.

Secret Santa delivers us Holly she has been chosen to be the Secret Santa for Marcus Jenner. Marcus proves to be quiet a handful, not wanting the gifts Holly is leaving, he finds himself torn between the blonde eyed beauty and her quest to deliver him gifts. Unbeknown as to why she is gifting him and stalking him - He is not sure if its the calling of his heart that bothers him most, or the persistence of her gifts, but in time he finds his secret Santa is needing the most treasured gift of all.

Secret Santa is immensely appealing and will linger in your heart long after you've read it. Lose your heart to a magical Christmas tale that shows the true beauty of giving but also receiving and the most precious gift of all. Love and life.


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