Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fierce Dawn - Amber Scott Romancing The Dark Side Tour

Today I have Fierce Dawn By Amber Scott ... Romancing The Dark Side Tour Hosting !!!

 Fierce Dawn.
Amber Scott

  Tholden Press.


Pages: 177 pages.


About the author: In between nap times and dishes, Amber Scott escapes into her characters' fates, loves, and complications. A native Nevadan she now makes her home in Phoenix, AZ with her husband and two children. She enjoys contributing monthly interviews with industry insiders at and loves to blog at her weblog and at She's addicted to chocolate, often burns dinner and still believes in happily ever after.

Where can you buy it:

**Book depository
**Barnes and noble


My Thoughts

Amber Scott has created a world filled with Changelings, seekers and Magic. Now your asking what they are ?? Different  for sure, something we all tend to enjoy, a storyline with a new concept and a new world we can read to enjoy and new paranormals ..... :)

Fierce Dawn is action packed, filled with  thrills, twists n turns and also   with romance that's sweet and also  Sizzling. 

 If you enjoy a paranormal read, then this book is definitely for you. Filled with a new concept, with Delightful characters ** waggles eyebrows* and an interesting storyline I'm sure you will enjoy. 

Fierce Dawn grabs your attention with the first few chapters, initially at first its a tad slow to take off, but this is giving us background information needed for the story to proceed. From here onwards we are taken on a whirlwind of events, that will not only you intrigued but riveted till the end. Im sure you will find yourself feeling sorry for Sadi, her life has been hard and she is trying to adjust to her life, convicning herself and others she is fine.  But is she ? Is she paranoid ??

Amber has created characters I'm sure you will enjoy, filled with depth and definition, all the emotions are well portrayed and descriptions vivid and easily envisaged. ** even those glowing eyes ** and snarling and hissing .... ** trembles **

Sadi meets ELijah from this moment on her life changes, he is in her dreams - and in her heart. - Sadi 's life will never be the same. Elijah introduces Sadi to a world in which she never imagined was true, introduced her to a life she now has to live and also shows her love she only thought possible in dreams. ** The romance between the characters was sizzling ;) and the chemistry enough to cause spontaneous combustion lol. (( you get the idea )

If you love Men with Abs ** wink wink ** - wings and sex appeal I'm sure ELijah will appeal to you. Sadi's character was strong, yet confused but never gave in, I liked this about her personality.

A fluent flowing storyline, that will not only captivate you but have you souring through the pages to find out where to the story leads. Titillating moments that will have your eyelashes curling, and pages flipping and moments Im sure where you will gasp or hold your breath.. 

A great story -

A read I recommend to all.

Giveaway time... Amber has donated 2 e copies Of Fierce Dawn and also a mystery swag pack ;)  today. All you have to do is tell me whats your favourite character-  man with wings ;)  Giveaway will run for one week and is international..  

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