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Mine Until Dawn by EB Walters book Tour hosted by Forbidden Reviews

Welcome everyone today I have for you as part of the Forbidden Book Reviews   my review for Mine Until Dawn by EB Walters. A sensual and romantic read, filled with oodles of goodies for all the romantics at heart !!


She's armed with a new attitude and a kick-ass wardrobe....

By age twenty-eight, art historian Jade Fitzgerald has had a marriage from hell and an equally nasty divorce, worked hard to control her weight and her arrhythmia. The last thing she needs is another man messing with her head or shooting her heartbeat off course. That is exactly what she gets when an aloof and mysterious stranger storms into her life.
He's cynical and doesn’t take crap from anyone....

Former investigative reporter Vince Knight is on a quest to recover a priceless, ancient Mayan artifact, which he believes Jade’s mother stole. He’s skilled at gathering information while remaining emotionally detached, until he meets Jade. The voluptuous woman stirs in him a hunger he hasn’t felt in a long time and a protectiveness he can’t explain.
Until, an insane man decides to add Jade to his collection of beautiful and rare things....

Neither Vince nor Jade expects passion to flare so fast or danger to dodge their footsteps. To defeat a ruthless art collector with a twisted agenda, Jade and Vince must learn to trust each other and embrace their growing feelings.


Jade Fitzgerald has everything she thinks she needs in life. After a failed nasty marriage, struggling with her weight and a bad heart condition she finds her life as a Art Historian complete.

Vincent Knight is hot, handsome and mysterious. He has been there done that and has seen things maybe he shouldn’t have in his line of work, but he puts out that air about him that nothing fazes him. Vincent searches Jade out , she is nothing quite like he remembered, after a first brief – slightly heated meeting he finds himself drawn to this beautiful woman who not only sends his mind wandering but his loin tingling.

Vincent believes that Jade’s mother has stolen the Mayan artifact, and has approached her in need of help. But it’s quiet not what he bargained for. They don’t start off on the right path, Jade remembers the man he was from school and finds him big headed and demanding. Nothing has changed except his hotness is now even hotter!! ** grins ** swoon...

No where she wants to go right now, but she also can’t deny the passion and desires that Vincent stirs within her. A rocky road for Jade and Vincent-both trying to avoid the passion and attraction they know they feel and also to find the artifact and move on with the lives they had before the drama.

Can they both go their separate ways and deny the chemistry between them?

In time Jade is added to the collection of beautiful things the crazy man is after, he not only wants the artifact but Jade by his side. Vince and Jade struggle with their emotions and passion and learn to trust each other to find the artifact and escape the deranged killer.

But at what cost?

My thoughts
Well I’m a cover love Kinda girl and this cover defiantly sends forth what’s inside the cover ** smokin**

Mine Until Dawn is a suspenseful romance filled with curve balls, twists and turns and a roller coaster ride Im sure that you will cling to the entire ride.

Passion between the characters Vince and Jade will not only give you Goosebumps, but having you wandering where you might find a hotty like Vince. The steamy scenes will not only send your toes curling, but have you tingling in all the right places in anticipation and even chewing your bottom lip waiting for Vince and Jade to just get it on !!! Ednah has created undeniable electricity and chemistry between the main characters that does not overtake the storyline, but adds that little added bit of excitement – to the readers benefit.

A riveting storyline that is well paced, chapters that flow smoothly with the storyline, no sudden breaks in the story, just a full on ride straight ahead.

Vincent will not only ruffle your tail feathers, but have you ogling the cover and maybe even a tinge of Jealously towards Jade... ** he surely is one hotty ** swoon !!! lol.

Jade is a slightly tortured soul but ready to move on with life, I enjoyed her character, kind and loving and very strong willed.

Mine Until Dawn is filled with a great cast of characters I’m sure that will not only swoon over but have you wanting to kung fu just to help out! Suspenseful scenes that will have you gasping, other scenes you will be shaking in trepidation and sexy scenes that will have you reading briskly ** wink **

Ednah portrays her characters with depth and emotion letting the reader know exactly what’s happening. The dialogue was brusque, clear cut and the suspense and action titillating, the romance sweltering. An ending I’m sure will keep the reader happy and a great second addition to The Fitzgerald Family series. I eagerly await book 3 KISS ME CRAZY!!!!

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