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Author Interview and Giveaway with Sharde RIchardson - Watched

Today Id like to welcome Sharde Richardson Author of Watched to Page Flipperz !!! here is the cover to Sharde's book  and blurb .. My review for Watched can be found Review from Goodreads .

Mikayla doesn't want much: just to rock out to her favorite band, become the next Kwiki Stop video gaming champion, and keep her Q-tip habit under control. What she does want is the sight of the sudden inexplicable dark auras around everyone to stop. Problem is, those auras are demons and Mikayla is the last trait holder with the power to ban them. Which is a total buzz kill.

To make matters worse, the town folk of Sulphur Springs don't look the same, and her classmates are a little dark in the eyes. There are murders, suicides, reckless skinny-dipping, gratuitous use of Q-tips, and newfound powers that Mikayla must learn to control.

Her past becomes present when a shape-shifter tells her what her true identity is, and how to keep the demons of Hell from nipping at her Converse. Through him she'll discover who to trust, who to kiss, and how valuable her abilities are to the right beings. Because the evils of Hell aren't staying down without a fight...

Or without her soul...

Author Interview Welcome Sharde !!!

I live in Alabama with my husband and son. No dogs or cats, though I'm partial to cats.

Bio in 140 characters or less: Somewhere in the cosmic collision of life, God saw fit to make another Alabamian.

The nitty: An Alabamian who loves cheese and life. She works in a nursing home and steals stories from the elderly in exchange for sponge baths. Next year her debut YA novel, Watched, will be released.

The nitty-gritty: She grew-up in the South. Almost as far south as you can get. She says things like "y'all" and "ain't" and "shut the front door"(which is more or less an expression of shock). She married a giant man and they have one, semi-giant son who's sometimes called Cluckey or The Child. During the daytime hours she works in a nursing home with the elderly.(Side note: She wants to inform you never, under any circumstances, be late for a sponge bath or try to take their dentures. The elderly are very protective of their dentures.)At night, she churns out stories and conspires to take over the world from the confines of her computer room.

Some quick and dirty facts:
1. She once severed her pinky toe and had it sewn back on.
2. Her worst vice is the use of four letter words. In public. Around children.(Rest assured, she is getting a handle on this.)
3. Since sixteen, she's had over thirty speeding tickets. She's twenty-four and counting, by the way.
4. Her wisdom teeth are intact.
5. She's had several affairs on her husband. All were with dairy products and various forms of cheese.
6. Sharde is lactose intolerant.
7. She likes to visit cemeteries.
8. One year, Sharde won a trip to Hawaii by guessing the mystery flavor of a Starburst.
9. Sometimes she buys groceries barefoot.
10. She is neither an Alabama nor Auburn College football fan.
11. Sharde once wet her pants in a Chinese restaurant after laughing at one of her husband's jokes.
12. As a kid, her favorite TV show was Bonanza. Ah, the joys of being reared by grandparents.
13. She's an American without all the fancy prefixes.
14. There are random notes all over her house with unfinished scenes from stories. Or from her dreams.
15. Sometimes she eavesdrops on other people's conversations to make her dialogue sound authentic.
16. She write stories that she likes to read. She knows that this is selfish.
17. Sharde laughs at gore. Case in point: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 film was another instance in which she wet her pants.
18. No other voice but Sam Elliot's could narrate her life


Sharde have you always wanted to be an author ?

I've been writing since elementary school. It was nothing serious, just something I did to keep me out of trouble. It was a great outlet for me, and over the years, I decided to buckle down on it and share my stories with other, less biased people.

How was Watched born ?

Watched  was born after watching a brutal hockey game I saw once while having dinner with my hubby. From the time I saw that game until it was finished was five months—maybe just a little more, actually.

Do you have a Muse ?

 I don’t know. I guess music is the best muse for anyone.

Are any of your characters based on people you know ?

 Mikayla is actually a mix of people I’ve met or known. I took different aspects from all of those people to create her. I’m forever in their debt, though they’ll never know exactly who they are.

When will book two be released or expected ? 

 **I would like to have it out in December, but keep book two, TOUCHED, in your to-be-announced piles. I’m obviously a slow writer.

Give me an insight into your writing or something you may find interesting to the reader .

**  I like to think even though it’s paranormal that my writing is realistic. It’s a little bold and dark in some areas, but my overall goal when writing stores is to make sure they don’t sound contrived. I think that’s why I enjoy writing in the paranormal genre, because it gives me license to cover my characters emotions from different angles, depending on the outlandish situation I put them in. And there are so many creatures and myths that can be used metaphorically in relations to those situations.

Do you like to listen to music whilst you write

 * Music is an absolute must when I’m writing. My favorite spot would be wherever I can make myself comfortable, and that has cheese available.

Some fun questions !!
  Fav drink -Tea. Sweet Tea
  Fav movie - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  fav actor  - Um…this is going to sound weird, but Al Paccino.
 Fav book - I have too many favorite books, however, THE WASP FACTORY by Iain Banks is great.
-Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Thanks so much for popping over today Sharde...

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