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Author Interview and Giveaway with Candy Crum - The Eternal Gift

Id like to welcome Candy Crum to Page Flipperz today. Author of The  Eternal gift, Candy has agreed to answer some of my questions and also giveaway a E-copy of her book to one lucky person.

Cover and Blurb ..

A young girl (Kailah) discovers that she is from a lost and forgotten powerful Immortal blood line after she meets a strange new physician at work. She begins to have visions and see spirits and has trouble controlling bad things from happening when she is angry. Along the way she discovers the terrible truth about who she is and the incredible power that is locked away deep inside her. Her Immortal ancestors want to use her to destroy the vampire race. Vampires want to use her power to destroy her Immortal ancestors. But hiding in the shadows are those who have been watching her since she was born. They want to help Kailah discover who she is and help her learn to use her abilities. They simply want for her to make the right decision before it's too late. Unfortunately for them time is not on their side and the Rogue Vampires have plans for Kailah no one could have imagined.

 Welcome Candy where abouts do you live , family, any pets ?

I live in Southern Indiana with my husband (Brandon) and two young sons (Brandon 5, Matt 3). We dont have any pets or anything like that but once we are able to buy our own home my dream is to have a St. Bernard or a Great Dane. I LOVE both breeds and they are both fantastic with children and families. I had one of each growing up and they are absolutely fantastic!

2. Candy how long have you written for and have you always wanted to write ?

I used to write short stories even as a little kid. I would write horror stories and everyone told me I'd be a writer one day but I didn't listen much. I wanted to be a vet at the time I think. lol! I really enjoyed animals and wanted to care for them. That passed as I realized I'd have to do surgery on them as well! I don't think I could do that if my life depended on it! I got out of writing for YEARS and then in high school began writing poetry. It was mostly dark stuff but I loved to express myself that way. Then I quit that and didn't pick up a pen for a very very long time. I hadn't even READ in a long long time. So when I began reading again, my imagination went back into overload and my idea that I had for a book years before came to the front of my mind and it clicked how I could make it a series. I started writing and just couldn't stop!

3. What inspired you to write The Eternal Gift, and how long did it take you to write it ?

I cant remember exactly what spawned the beginning of TEG but it wasn't at all called that in the beginning. The initial project started about 9 years ago and I worked (in my head) on some of the story and what I wanted to happen. The initial story was of Khanae and Khia and the beginning of what they were and how the war began. But I had no idea how (using Khanae as a lead character) to turn that story into a series since it was set 3000 years in the past. Once I started reading again, it dawned on me that I could set the story in present day and tell Khanae's story when SHE saw fit. So eventually, I am going to publish her story. And I'm thinking about publishing a book on Aeric as well. Those "autobiographies" will be written from their points of view and will be like a diary they had written and published. The storyline behind Khanae's biography (Titled: Memoirs of an Egyptian Goddess - name given by Aeric and Brett) is that she published ONE leather bound copy of her story so she could allow people she knew and trusted/loved to read it. She gives the copy to Kailah in one of the Eternal Series novels and that novel will be published shortly afterward so the readers can read "What Kailah Reads."
The Eternal Gift was originally titled Immortal Ties - but I found another book (seemed kind of erotic in nature) with the same title and because I was trying to stay in a healthy medium between YA and Adult (pleasurable for both readers), I didn't want that book to be associated with mine - so friends helped my come up with this title and I believe my friend Jodi Sturdevant was the one who came up with The Eternal Gift. The first version took 6 months in total to write. The second version (very different from the first) was only half finished when I ditched it. And the third version (TOTALLY different from the first) took only two months to write and finish because I found it so exciting to write and it was much more interesting and action packed  than the first novel or its second version.

4. Do you have a Muse ?

I don't have a 'muse' per se in the human form - but I believe that reading is definitely my muse as well as other things. I say 'other things' because I'm unsure exactly what they are. I just randomly get inspired - like today. I'm hoping to write some on the sequel (The Eternal Echo) after I finish these questions. My grandfather (My papaw Fruit who is mentioned in the novel) told me stories of my great-great grandfather who had the ability to 'take the fire out of people's hands' - meaning - he could take the pain away from a burn wound. He was only allowed to tell either a strange woman whom he had never met - or his seventh child (as long as it was a daughter. The ritual was passed from male - female - male). However, the seventh child WAS in fact a daughter - but she passed away and the secret was lost to the family when passed to a secret woman. I changed the 'healing' powers of my great-great grandfather (who was a half-blood Indian) to the great-great grandmother so it could be an Immortal gift - but I still kept my great-great grandfathers image in the novel. I honestly have no idea what the man looked like. I never saw anything that would give me a mental image - but I wanted to paint a picture of the typical Native American man (though he was only half) and I hope that I honored him in that. 

5. Have you based any of your characters from anyone you know in particular ?

The MAJORITY of my characters in my novel are people I know. Kailah is me in most ways. I always believed there was something special in me but I just couldn't touch it. I always attributed that to my diminished Native American blood and the belief in the supernatural and that within the human spirit lies power we simply don't allow ourselves to touch - either from fear or ignorance. Amanda is the name of my sister though the name Kailah Clark was plucked from her beautiful friend whose likeness (rather than my own) was used. Raven hair, dark complexion, long eye lashes, curvy. Aeric, Brett, Khanae, and Khia are all works of fiction. Khanae I dreamed up almost a decade ago and Khia along with her. Aeric and Brett came to me when I was revamping (pun intended) the novel to make it present day and I needed a hottie or two! Gary is the name of my father and though he hasn't been a major character yet - I have a feeling he will be. Its a way to honor those I know and love and that have supported me over the years.

6. When will book two be released ? When would you like to have it ready by ?

Book two is a tossup! I have the story started - currently on chapter 5. But since I've been reading again instead of just writing SO many ideas have occurred to me! For instance - I planned on only getting 3 books (but HOPEfully 4) out of the series and then having to do the spin offs (such as the biographies). Now I have realized there is SO much more I can do! I have ideas like crazy on how to deal with Khia and how to make the books last and stay exciting and reeling people in more. So book two is going to be taking a turn. ALSO another big change - when I wrote book one, I was trying to get it published by a traditional publisher. I knew it needed to be marketable which was why I was trying to balance the YA/Adult evenly so it could be manageable. Now I have realized that self publishing is going to be the only way for me. So now - I have free reign! I don't have to censor myself now like I did before and I'm excited about that. I kept SO much out of the first book that I wanted to have in there because I knew it boldly crossed over that barrier into Adult. I am planning on it being subtle but having the novels transition into a more adult way of thinking. I am very excited about it because now I don't have to pull any punches and I don't have to edit my thoughts. I'm hoping that others will enjoy it. I'm not going to take it to extremes because I know people seem to like the style of this book - but I definitely want to take it in a more natural way for me.

7. Give  me some insight into your writing  - anything you may think the reader may be interested ...
why paranormal ?

Hmm. Insight into writing. Well - I kind of blackout when writing. I try not to focus. I get a story line written before I start the book and then I frequently go back to that to remember the direction I'm supposed to go. That keeps me from getting writers block and it is VERY effective - definitely recommend it. But when I write the stuff in between I lose focus and just start typing. Sometimes its great - sometimes I have to rewrite whole chapters. But I enjoy that process. This next book will be very exciting I'm hoping. There is going to be a betrayal. Analynn will be back and will be a force to be reckoned with. Things with Aeric and Kailah will change dramatically but I certainly wont say for better or worse because that's part of the mystery - all I can say is don't think you know whats going to happen! Haha! It wont be obvious! There will also be some sadness in the next novel. I cried when I started writing the first version of it. It was very heart breaking to me and I hope that it moves others as well. I had to toss all that (thought its still on my hard drive) because I rewrote the first novel before publishing. So now everything in the second novel makes absolutely no sense. So it has to be redone but I'm certainly keeping the main storyline.. Its very important to me. Major secrets will be revealed in this next one and I CANNOT wait to hear some of the comments when certain things are revealed! Also - Were's are introduced in this book! The wolves are incredible creatures and feature two breeds (the wolves and rogues) as well. The wolves are certainly something different than what I have seen done before. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them!
I chose paranormal because they are the only books that I can keep real interest in. I like mystery stories but I would rather watch them in a movie than read them. Too much real life. I want to escape into a world unknown. So I love the idea of vampires and werewolves and things like that! So fun!

8. Do you like to listen to a play list or music while you write ?

Music - is amazing. I am a HUGE fan of music and during action scenes I would listen to Disturbed for inspiration. I would imagine choreographing movements to the music and because I think their music is so fluid and magical - the scenes in the book turned out that way too. At least I hope others see it the same way! That is why I mentioned Disturbed in the novel. Dave Draiman is truly an amazing vocalist and his music moves me. I love to listen to it. I listen to a lot of other things too - but they are my absolute favorite.

9. Fun questions!

 Tea, coffee, or coke. - well I LOVE tea! Hot or cold doesn't matter! And I LOVE coffee too! But I'm a pepsi drinker. lol!

 Favorite movie - My default favorite is the Nightmare Before Christmas but I have a ton. I just always revert back to that title because I love it so much and its the one I can always name without a shadow of a doubt! I LOVE the music and even had the soundtrack for years. In fact, I need to have it again! I'm craving some "Jacks Lament"!

 Fav hottie actor - Well I have a few! Ryan Reynolds - oh yes. I LOVE him! He is hilarious and VERY attractive. Johnny Depp (who doesn't name him?) and Sandra Bullock is another one I like. She is amazing and just as beautiful as she is talented.

 Favorite book - Id have to say anything from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead or the Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris. I honestly cant pick just one. I LOVE those novels.. I cant stay away from vampire stories! I enjoy the House of Night series too but after a few of them I was losing interest.

 Favorite TV Series - True Blood! I love it! Eric = amazing. And no - I didn't name Aeric for Eric. LOL! I started writing Immortal Ties in 2009 and I didn't even know those book existed until AFTER season 3 of True Blood was over! I started watching season 1 right after Season 3 ended on HBO (late start on the TV series) but I couldn't stop watching after that! 


Big thanks to Candy for popping over today.

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