Sunday, August 28, 2011

California Caress by Rebecca Sinclair Book Review

Well I must say this is my very first western romance ;) and I loved it. Rebecca Sinclair created a romance that I'm sure will sweep you along in the moment, and also have you fantasizing about Drake and also eager to be swept off your feet but this hotty cowboy !! So here's the cover   and the excerpt and my thoughts .

Hope Bennett was determined to save her brother's life. And if that meant paying notorious gunslinger Drake Frazier to take his place in a fight, she'd barter her last gold nugget. But Hope soon discovered she'd have to give the handsome rattlesnake more than riches if she wanted his help. His improper demands infuriated her; even as she luxuriated in the tantalizing heat of his embrace, she refused to yield to her desires. She'd accept his terms, then find a way to escape him... somehow..


Hope Bennett was determined right or wrong to find Drake Frazier, the gunslinger that was well known for his bad ass trait and gun slinging abilities, but what she didn't expect was his payment option. 

 Having no other way out, Hope agrees to Drakes requests, with no intention of paying up. If it means saving her brother she will agree now and work out the consequences later.

 Drake has other ideas, he not only helps Hope out, to save her brother but finds that even though Hope is hot headed and full of fire , he is besotted by her. The stolen kisses have him curious .....

Hope finds that Drake infuriates her, his advances not only make her toes curl, but she tries to tell herself that she loathes him, but really her blood and body tell her differently.

After a string of events, Hope finds herself, on the trail with Drake, headed for payback. She has agreed to help him ruin the ones who has betrayed him but where will it leave Hope ?

Heartbroken ? In love ? Or still alone...

My thoughts.

Well this is my first country western romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was filled with passion, betrayal, twists and turns and heart felt moments.

I completely enjoyed the characters that Rebecca created, Hope and Drake both being tortured souls with a past that may haunt them forever. No room, they thought to love again or to be loved. Rebecca showed us the meaning of *Beauty is in the eye of the beholder *. Hope thought her past would stay with her forever and make her unlovable and Drake thought his past would not allow him to love again. But rest assured, Rebecca has shown us in this story love will always find a way. ! So yes, I'm a true romantic at heart, and love a lovey dovey romance, the conflict between them , the intense passion they shared. I loved every moment of it !! Characters with depth and understanding and of course both with attitudes - ying and yang but fit together perfectly.

A smooth flowing storyline, that will keep your interest piqued throughout, chapters that run smoothly and dialogue that runs fluently from beginning to end.

A few spelling errors, but nothing that will affect the way in which you read the story, I just breezed by and continued on to enjoy this wonderful tantalizing romance.

All casting characters well placed, and necessary for the story, a villain we all hate and of course love to see him get his just deserts ! Pay backs a bitch even if it is by the hoof of mighty blow.

Most importantly with a romance is the definition of emotions, and the well placed descriptions. Rebecca  has wonderfully  spun both elements in this read, great depth into emotions, and descriptions, giving us crisp visions in which to see and feel. I really enjoy a read that I can relate to, both emotionally and physically. I'm a soppy reader, so if I can feel these whilst reading then then author has done her  job. The descriptions were real enough I could envisage throughout !!

 My first story of Rebecca's and it wont be my last. A captivating romance set in the outback, showing us the hard times and what was involved just to put food on your table. I can remember hearing stories of this from grandparents, very realistic in life situations, and makes you appreciate all that we have today.

A story filled with Passion and romance -  tantalizing and titillating moments, to keep your inner romantic sated - and equal amounts of action and suspense throughout .

Lastly but not least :

A hotty who is heroic, adventurous and mysterious whom I'm sure will have your hairs standing on end and sheepishly grinning at his cheeky moments. !!

Hope : Kick arse Heroine who thinks she needs no one, self sufficient, sexy and knows how to get what she wants !! with an attitude to boot !!

Grab a copy you wont be disappointed !!

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