Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crush At Thomas Hall by Beth Sorensen Book Review

Today I have Crush at Thomas Hall by Beth Sorenson, a read I devoured in almost one sitting !! Check  out the cover ** which I think is very elegant !! and blurb and my thoughts !! An enjoyable read !  4/5

When Cassandra Martin buried her abusive husband, sold her home, and set off to see the world she didn't plan on meeting sexy biotech CEO, Edward Baker on a flight from Seattle to Chicago. But when her travels later take her to a small winery on the northern neck of Virginia, Cassandra discovers that it's owned by Edward's family and he's been trying to find her.
After a fairy tale weekend, surrounded by friends and family, the two finally get to share a romantic evening alone. However, it becomes part of the never-ending, tragic chaos that seems to plague Cassandra's life and ends with a dead body and Cassandra in the hospital.
In the aftermath, Edward and Cassandra embark on a journey that requires learning to love, navigating Cassandra's turbulent past, dealing with the paparazzi, and finding out who embezzled a million dollars from the winery. However, despite all their efforts, the killer is still lurking in the shadows waiting to strike again.


"They met by chance, but fate and the vines brought Cassandra and Edward together again **

Beth Sorensen has woven a love story filled with romance, murder, mystery and passion. All elements not over the top, but I found it was well placed throughout the read.

An enjoyable read from start to finish of a chance meeting to find a love - an attraction- love at first sight. Do you belive in love at first sight ? Edward did !

By Chance: Edward meets Cassandra on a flight onward bound, they strike conversation, share a bottle of wine and then head in separate directions . Edward finds he is besotted and in love, and feels that she is the one. Love at first sight if you may call it !! He searches for Cassandra but every time he gets close the trail is lost.

Possessive your thinking but NOT a man who knows what he wants !!

Cassandra decides to spend some quality time with her best friends and is invited to the Crush Weekend. The grapes are picked, the guests are shown how to cut the grapes and taste the fine wine which is made into an enjoyable weekend at the vineyards and at Thomas Hall.

Here she stumbles upon Edward; he is besotted with Cassandra not believing his luck at finding his lady love.

After a fairytale weekend, Cassie is welcomed into the Baker family with open arms. Edward asks Cassie to take a chance…

Tragedy and chaos seems to follow Cassie – she finds herself beaten, bruised and in hospital as to whom hurt her, and why is unbeknown.

A string of events follow

Edward and Cassandra embark on a journey of discovery, love, paparazzi and to also find out who embezzled money from the winery. However despite there effects a killer is on the loose - is anyone Safe at Thomas Hall?

My thoughts.

The cover certainly depicts the inside – vineyards, divine wine and pleasure... Elegant if you may call it ! I really like it .

When Beth approached me to review her book, I read the blurb and thought YES – I’m a sucker for a love story and mystery.

This read certainly delivers, romance, passion, mystery and suspense. I read this in almost one sitting, enjoying the steady pace of the story with tid bits of mystery thrown in from the start, and building up to an unpredictable climax. I enjoyed the characters, both Cassie and Edward, I can understand how she fell in love with him, romantic – protective and every girls dream boat even if he is a tad older. ** Enjoy life while you can – love with all you have, and enjoy being loved **

Cassandra was a torn soul, dealing with the death of her husband and his cruel ways she decides to move on with life and live it the way she wants.

She takes a chance on love, and stands her ground. This is very realistic in life, some of us meet and fall in love and decide not to lose that chance of love..How would you ever know if you never try
. A fairy tale for every girl.

Edward was certainly every girls dream boat, smart, sexy and passionate - always happy to give his lady love anything she desired and more. I loved his character, and felt that Beth did justice with Edward. Yes he was mushy, protective demanding, hot bod and smexy as !!! A man who knows what he wants and pursues it ..** swoony ** lol

The storyline was intriguing, I was swept along with the romance and passion and suspense.All evenly placed out througout the read, not one outwayed the other.

On the edge of my seat at certain moments and other moments just waiting in sheer anticipation for Edward and Cassie's love to take off.

The cast of characters easily likeable, the bitch easily disliked lol. I wanted to kick her arse with my pumps at one stage.. ** She deserved some serious mojo ** Spoilt brat if you may call her that, this part was well played and Beth portraying her as the BITCH that she certainly was.

Beth put forward the importance of family, and to stick together this being an important factor in everyones lives. I liked the closeness of the family and what they where willing to do to, the love they shared and the closeness.

Beth created mystery in her read , that kept you anticipating till the very end. A love story you waited impatiently for and passion between two madly in love. No over the top sex scenes, but suggestive moments so we got the gist of it !! ** wink wink **

 A tantalizing read filled with love, passion and twists and turns at every page. Im a true romantic at heart, never knocking back a love story one that makes your pulse race and your blood heat up, even without the hot sex, its a wonderfully woven love story throughout - with added goodies to boot !

Overall I really enjoyed Crush at Thomas Hall an eagerly await book 2. Ive read the first chapter in book 2 and all I can say is ** I knew it – I had an inclination ** think it may have been slight de ja vu !! lol Maybe its the ** murder she wrote in me lol **

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